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2004 - 2019
PLCH  PLJCH  Wiraz Germanika

Reg. no
: PKR.IX-44944
: 2004-08-18
: creme
: Hairless
Adam Ostrowski (Germanika, Polen)
Adam Ostrowski (Germanika, Polen)
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Siblings (5)


Werset Germanika
Wiek Germanika
Wiraz Germanika
Wrotka Wywrotka Germanika
Wermut Germanika

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-04-04  Dam: Valaquenta Germanika

Tajny Agent Next Germanika
Tajne Przez Poufne Next Germanika

dob: 2012-12-01  Dam: Crestars The Chozen One

Ch. Lukrecja Next Germanika
Ch. Lumia Next Germanika
Ludwik Next Germanika
Leon Next Germanika
Leokadia Next Germanika
Lamus Next Germanika

dob: 2010-06-08  Dam: Shadow White Erotica Nababka

Shadow White Baloo
Shadow White Blackberry
Shadow White Bolero
Shadow White Bumblebee
Shadow White Butterfly

dob: 2008-11-02  Dam: Camille z Gangu Lysych

Ch. Shadow White Ferrari
Ch. Shadow White Faberge
Ch. Shadow White Fortuna
Shadow White Ferutti

dob: 2008-08-19  Dam: Sasquehanna Orla Germanika

Hop Sa Sa Next Germanika
Hej Ho Hej Ho Next Germanika
Hocus Pocus Next Germanika
Hop Siup Next Germanika
Hula Hop Next Germanika
Hip Hip Hura Next Germanika

dob: 2007-08-18  Dam: Wenetzja Sub-O-Divo

Shadow White Song For My Boy
Shadow White Spanish Tango
Shadow White Strawberry Fetish
Shadow White Spanish Fly
Ch. Shadow White Sonata In C Major
Shadow White Solo At Night
Ch. Shadow White Suzuki Hayabusa

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