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2004 - 2012
Debless One's Xi'an-Mrbig

Reg. no
: S33511/2004
: 2004-04-10
: Black and white
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 5.30kg (11.6#)
Ingrid Kastman (Debless One's, Sverige)
Linda Malmgren & Thomas Westman (Tatty Teddy's, Sverige)

  • ©Linda Malmgren

  • ©

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  • Sture 4 years
    5 Best male Norrköping -08

  • Sture 4 years old

  • ©

  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year

  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year

  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year

  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year

  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year


  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year


  • Debless One's Xi'an-MrBig 2 year


  • ©


4 BM 2007 Visby
5 BM 2008 Norrköping
3 BM 2008 Visby

-Progeny Class-

BOB HP BIS-3 Forshaga 2011

BOB HP Alfta 2009
1 HP Västerås 2009
1 Österbybruk 2009

Siblings (4)


Debless One's Xiniag-Lina
Debless One's Xinooki
Debless One's Xi'an-Mrbig
Debless One's Xintai-Wilda

Offspring (63) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-10-23  Dam: Lohamras Krusmynta

Ixtri's Rock the night
Ixtri's You ain't seen nothing yet
Ixtri's Someone Special
Ixtri's Highway Star
Ixtri's Rocket Queen
Ixtri's Sweet Child of mine

dob: 2011-07-03  Dam: Spirit Of Mantra's Qmarion

Julie's Precious Don't Tread On Me
Julie's Precious Master Of Puppets "Ronja"
Julie's Precious Fade To Black
Julie's Precious Ride The Lightning
Julie's Precious Hit The Lights

dob: 2011-03-29  Dam: Suanho's Cayuse

Suanho's Tonkawa
Suanho's Calumet
Suanho's Tucano
Suanho's Umatilla

dob: 2010-09-05  Dam: Crestnspots Cast a spell on you

CrestnSpots Easy Favorite
CrestnSpots East Coast's Beauty

dob: 2010-05-25  Dam: Prefix Wish Upon A Star

Way More Brilliant Than You
Way More Beloved Than You
Way More Breathtaking Than You
Way More Big Tribute to Nelson
Way More Brave Than You

dob: 2010-03-25  Dam: Newbourne Fhebe

Mhalhi's Gringo Is My Name
Mhalhi's Great Is Great
Mhalhi's Glabrous Girl

dob: 2009-08-04  Dam: Newbourne Fhebe

Mhalhi's Fabolous Mrbig
MhaLhi's Frosted Star
Mhalhi's Fairytale
Ch. Mhalhi's Feeling Great

dob: 2009-05-02  Dam: Prefix Wish Upon A Star

Way More Astonishing Than You
Way More Alert Than You
Way More Adventurous Than You
Way More Amazing Than You
Way More Adorable Than You
Way More Awesome Than You

dob: 2008-12-09  Dam: Sun-Hee's Zaphira

Om Ints Nike
Om Ints Nemo
Om Ints Nero

dob: 2008-06-26  Dam: Thunderball Stars Afrodite Girl

Bai Long's Girlicious
Bai Long's Go Gadget Go
Bai Long's Gossip Girl
Bai Long's Good Old Max

dob: 2007-10-18  Dam: Silverekens Miss Heartbreaker

Bai Long's Freaky Friday
Bai Long's Fancy Face
Bai Long's Fame and Fortune

dob: 2007-03-17  Dam: Quenellas Nü Gua

Zagoängen'z Karmanjaka
Zagoängen'Z Nangilima
Ch. Zagoängen'Z

dob: 2006-05-13  Dam: Soft Skin's Blackline-Ink

Emanazione's Go Go Mr Tokelau
Emanazione's Four Tiny Nauru Paws

dob: 2006-05-10  Dam: Ullvidets Gullefjun

Pinku's Pricku's Essi Brown
Pinku's Pricku's Efendi Baltazar
Pinku's Pricku's Ebony Blanche
Pinku's Pricku's Ekstra Babs

dob: 2006-04-19  Dam: Triptot Truly Tasteful

Sun Dan Black Beauty
Ch. Sun Dan Be Happy

dob: 2005-08-06  Dam: Thunderball Stars Afrodite Girl

Bai Long's Adonis
Bai Long's Anteros
Bai Long's Athena
Ch. Bai Long's Apollon
Bai Long's Atlas

dob: 2005-06-08  Dam: Rimabra's Gold Dust

M-Ligans Osmirdium Demon
M-Ligans Osmeralda Demon

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