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2002 - 2008
Unlimited Edition Von Shinbashi

: 2002-02-23
: slate sptd
: Hairless
Annerose Demski (von Shinbashi, Tyskland)

  • ©unknown

  • Unlimited Edition Von Shinbashi

Siblings (7)


Flame von Shinbashi


Gitan von Shinbashi
Gerondine Von Shinbashi


Queen of the Day von Shinbashi
Queen of Red Von Shinbashi


Untouched Legend von Shinbashi
Unlimited Edition Von Shinbashi

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-05-25  Dam: Tiffany Mares Sub-O-Divo

Kenzo Sub-O-Divo
Khaj Pharo Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2006-07-21  Dam: Nayra Sub Divo

Gucci Sub-O-Divo
Guinnes Sub-O-Divo
Gallileo Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2006-07-17  Dam: Pamplona Sub Divo

Florencja Sub-O-Divo
Fontana Sub-O-Divo
Fiorella Sub-O-Divo
Ferrero Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2005-08-15  Dam: Jollie Sub Divo

Calvados Nuda Veritas

dob: 2005-02-11  Dam: Lee Lee Chi The Legend of Shangrila

Avenen Kokietka Sub-O-Divo
Arabica Cremissima Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2003-12-31  Dam: Ivory Sub Divo

Simsaalabim Sub Divo
Sphinx Sub Divo
Sorrento Sub Divo
Shadow White Sub Divo

dob: 2003-08-17  Dam: Unknown Lady Von Shinbashi

Experience Of Pleasure Von Shinbashi
Everybody's Darling von Shinbashi
Escapade von Shinbashi
Ch. Energizer von Shinbashi

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