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2002 - 2015
EECH  EEVCH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LVCH  SECH  ClubW-04-06 BaltW-04 FiJW-03 NordVW-11 HeVW-12 FiVW-12 HeVW-13 FiVW-13 NordVW-13Secret Line's American Pie

: 2002-12-01
: white grey spots
: Powderpuff
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Merja Sorsa (Secret Line's, Finland)
Päivi & Pekka Rantanen (Zodellin, Finland)
  • PuuskuPuh was BOS-veteran in Finland ToyClubs specialty at the age 12,5 years old.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • PuuskuPuh 9,5 years old BOB-veteran in Toydogs Speciality 2012
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • PuuskuPuh 8,5 years, BOB and BOB-veteran in Somero spring 2011
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • PuuskuPuh 6 years
    ©Jari Alanen

  • BIS Finnish Club Show 2004
    ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©Laura Koponen

  • Club Winner -04-06
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • PuuskuPuh & Ronja
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen


1 x BIS-veteran 1
1 x BIS 1
1 x BIG 2
2 x BIG 3
2 x BIG 4
25 x BOB
9 x BOS
20 x BOB-veteran
11 x BOS-veteran
10 x Cacib
3 x Res-Cacib
29 x CAC
8 x Res-CAC
4 x CAC-veteran
year 2003 Crested Puppy Of The Year Best Adult Powderpuff Of The Year 5th Best Adult Crested Of The Year
year 2004 Best Adult Male Powderpuff Of The Year
3rd Best Adult Crested Of The Year
He is now Int Ch!
Year 2005 Best Adult Powderpuff Male Of The Year
Year 2005 4th Best Adult Crested Of The Year
Year 2010 2nd Best male & PP-male Veteran Crested Of The Year
Year 2011 FIRST Best male & PP-male Veteran Crested Of The Year
Year 2012 2nd Best PP-male Veteran Crested Of The Year
Year 2013 2nd Best male & PP-male Veteran Crested Of The Year
Year 2004 he was BIS in Chinense Crested Special Club Show
Year 2005 he was BOS in Chinense Crested special Club Show
Year 2006 he was again BOS in Chinense Crested special Club Show

Siblings (8)


Secret Line's American Beauty
Secret Line's American Dream
Secret Line's American Gigolo
Secret Line's American Pie


Secret Line's Las Vegas Lad
Secret Line's Las Vegas Boss
Secret Line's Las Vegas Jack
Secret Line's Las Vegas Lady

Offspring (51) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-08-11  Dam: Bi-lav Plus Charovnitsa v Nochi

Ch. Chan-Royce Nikko

dob: 2012-03-30  Dam: Zodellin As You Wish

Zodellin Wonderboy

dob: 2011-10-03  Dam: Bed-ma's Capture Your Heart

Zodellin Daydream Believer
Zodellin Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Zodellin Don't Look Back
Zodellin Daughter Of Darkness
Zodellin Dust In The Wind

dob: 2010-08-06  Dam: Zorrazo Jadis the Witch

Zodellin Best Of My Love
Zodellin Back To Your Heart
Zodellin Breaking The Habit
Zodellin Back In The USSR

dob: 2007-03-16  Dam: Zhannel's Hot N Spicy

Zhannel's Tutti-Frutti
Zhannel's Big Mac
Zhannel's Cookie Monster
Zhannel's Toffifee
Zhannel's Tiramisu
Zhannel's Taco
Zhannel's Nacho

dob: 2005-08-13  Dam: Zhannel's Kiss'N Tell

Zhannel's Lullaby Baby
Zhannel's Loverboy
Zhannel's Luxurious Lady
Zhannel's Lollypop
Zhannel's Lazydaizy
Zhannel's Let Em Talk
Zhannel's Loyal Friend

dob: 2005-05-05  Dam: Sippelins Li Li

Secret Line's Tiny T-Bird
Secret Line's Tiny T-Bone
Secret Line's Tiny T-Shirt
Secret Line's Tiny T-Cup
Secret Line's Tiny T-Rex

dob: 2005-04-27  Dam: Secret Line's Iron Maiden

Camelina's Rocky Raccoon
Camelina's Robin Hood
Camelina's Ravishing Ronja
Camelina's Rare Jewel

dob: 2005-04-26  Dam: Secret Line's Hairy Fairy

Ch. Scarpebox Loverboy
Scarpebox Lovejoy
Scarpebox Love And Kisses
Scarpebox Scandal Love

dob: 2004-05-22  Dam: Hebblas Ace Of Empress

Hebblas Deluxe Dendy
Hebblas Daredevil
Hebblas Delicate Delany
Hebblas Deluxe Delamere
Hebblas Delicious Demi
Hebblas Deliveryboy
Hebblas Delight Dana

dob: 2004-03-08  Dam: Crestwood Good News


dob: 2004-01-30  Dam: Secret Line's Drop Of Love

Secret Line's January Melody
Secret Line's January Mystery

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