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AMCH  Wenlo's The Cat's Meow

: 1987-04-23
: Palamino
: Hairless
W Garcia (Wenlo's, USA)
Deidre Petrie (Makara, USA)

Siblings (4)


Wenlo's Jay Bird
Wenlo's Lady Godiva
Wenlo's Amberdina
Wenlo's The Cat's Meow

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 1998-07-15  Dam: Dot'zs Top The Mt Topeaka

Cuja Aztecs Lil Ponys
Aztes Lil Pony's Wako

dob: 1998-06-29  Dam: Wilyn's Delta Dash

Wilyn's Hairy Houdini

dob: 1996-03-06  Dam: Janard's Obviously Wilyn

Wilyn N' Ready At Janard
Wilyn's Locomotion

dob: 1992-01-05  Dam: Makara's The Temptress

Makara-Pony In A Dell-Of Bimini
Ch. Makara's Justa Gigilo

dob: 1990-01-20  Dam: Makara's Wilyn I'm Not

Wilyn's Dee's Little Benji
Wilyn's I'm A Tomboy
Wilyn's Sasha Powderpuff

dob: 1989-11-10  Dam: Xcel's Lady Liberty Of Xanadu

Xanadu's Gizmo
Xanadu's Gremlin

dob: 1989-03-30  Dam: Makara's Wilyn I'm Not

Makara's Tempest In A Teacup
Wilyn's Hot To Trot

dob: 1988-07-11  Dam: Makara's Wilyn I'm Not

Makara's Demitasse
Ch. Makara's Ebony Enchantress DOM
Makara's From Here To Eternity

dob: 1988-06-18  Dam: Dodd's Coconut Lizzie Makara

Makara's Solitary Man

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