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EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LVCH  EUJW-97 BALTW-98Secret Line's Little Chinaman

Reg. no
: FIN13390/96
: 1996-01-18
: Pink Sptd
: Hairless
Merja Sorsa (Secret Line's, Finland)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Marianne Salminen

Siblings (11)


Secret Line's Little Chinaman
Secret Line's Love For Sale
Secret Line's Licence To Love
Secret Line's Light My Fire
Secret Line's Like A Virgin


Secret Line's Russian Roulet
Secret Line's Rolling Stone
Secret Line's Road Runner
Secret Line's Runaway Boy
Secret Line's Rambling Rose
Secret Line's Rock Me Baby

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 2003-02-18  Dam: Zhannel's La Bouche

Tippytoes Molly Cottontail
Tippytoes Mad Madam Mim
Tippytoes Monkey Business
Tippytoes Mouse In The House
Tippytoes Mystique
Tippytoes Miss Honeybear
Tippytoes Magica De Spell

dob: 1999-07-12  Dam: Secret Line's Guardian Angel

Ch. Secret Line's Tequila Sunrise
Secret Line's Trick Or Treat
Secret Line's Time After Time
Secret Line's Touch Of Angel

dob: 1997-09-15  Dam: Bedlam Diamante

Bedlam Faceless Man
Bedlam Father To Son
Ch. Bedlam Fast Love

dob: 1997-07-12  Dam: Secret Line's Guardian Angel

Ch. Secret Line's Take A Chance

dob: 1997-02-10  Dam: St.Erme Buttercup

Secret Line's Show Must Go On
Ch. Secret Line's Simply The Best
Ch. Secret Line's Sound Of Music
Ch. Secret Line's Sound Of Silence
Ch. Secret Line's Simply Super

dob: 1997-01-20  Dam: Razzmatazz She Devil

Zhannel's Never Give Up
Ch. Zhannel's Nice'n Easy
Ch. Zhannel's Naughty But Nice

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