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AMCH  RUSCH  Royal Look Dotts Will Do

Reg. no
: RKF 0000295
: 1994-03-19
: bronze & white
: Hairless
Andrew H Bidlingmaier (Royal Look, USA)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (4)


Royal Look Edryn Charo
Royal Look Dotts Will Do
Royal Look Black Tan Afgan


Royal Look's Black Magic Marijo's

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Aidalaiz Bimka

Strong Stael Yagodka

dob:   Dam: Aidalaiz Bonna

Strong Stael Penelopa
Strong Stael Panda

dob:   Dam: Samarskiy Samotsvet Of Diksi

Samarskiy Samotsvet Simona
Samarskiy Samotzvet Sindi

dob:   Dam: Vellar Pljus Alisia


dob:   Dam: Vellar Pljus Arunsita


dob:   Dam: Russkiy Samurai Galateya

Ch. Samarskiy Samotzvet Molli

dob:   Dam: Samarskiy Samotzvet Molli

Ch. Samarskiy Samotzvet Jenevjeva Iris

dob:   Dam:

Ch. Arms Sagosh Jozefina

dob: 1999-11-10  Dam: Russkiy Samurai Bahtiyara

Samarskiy Samotsvet Of Diksi
Ch. Samarskiy Samotsvet Dani

dob: 1999-08-20  Dam: Chokolina

Avgustina Markiza Angelov

dob: 1999-03-11  Dam: Aidalaiz Bimka

Ch. Strong Style Jansen
Strong Stail Jarvi
Strong Style Jaroslava

dob: 1999-03-11  Dam: Aydalayz Bimka

Strong Style Jaroslava

dob: 1999-02-28  Dam: Vellar Pljus Arsella

Malyshka Airin Viking
Vishenka Malyshka Airin

dob: 1998-08-07  Dam: Aidalaiz Bimka

Strong Style Pan Pony
Strong Style Ponti
Strong Style Panda
Strong Style Polina

dob: 1998-07-25  Dam: Artensia Vellar

Ch. Arnold Malyshka Airin
Ch. Malyshka Airin Albert

dob: 1995-04-22  Dam: Madeline's Minnie Mouse

Royal Look Private Eye
Royal Look Porcelain Pony

dob: 1995-04-05  Dam: Coles Edryn Sierra Dawn

Edryn Windborne Stella

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