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ACCCCH  Razzmatazz Pod Of Staround

: 1985-10-20
: Black
: Hairless
Amy Fernandez (Razzmatazz, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (4)


Razzmatazz Pod Of Staround
Razzmatazzmanian Devil
Razzmatazz Snapdragon
Razzmatazz Dragonfly

Offspring (41) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Moonswift Miss Clarissa

Eureka Of Staround At Taleeca

dob:   Dam: Moonswift Painted Lily

Love Me Tender Of Staround St.Erme

dob: 1990-10-09  Dam: Moonswift Miss Wendy

Moonswift New Attraction
Moonswift Athene

dob: 1990-05-31  Dam: Heathermount Yu Hu Of Moonswift

Moonswift Vera Cruz

dob: 1990-05-30  Dam: Heathermount Yu Hu Of Moonswift

Moonswift Virginia

dob: 1990-04-12  Dam: Staround Uptown Girl

Moonswift Miss Charlotte

dob: 1990-03-11  Dam: Moonswift Miss Violet

Moonswift Melanie

dob: 1989-12-12  Dam: Moonswift Miss Mingo

Moonswift Peg

dob: 1989-09-30  Dam: Stevansu Blue Lace

Wenark Call Me Madam
Wenark Call Me Bluff
Wenark Call My Bluff

dob: 1989-08-02  Dam: Rodridge Raver

Moonswift Mosaic
Moonswift Atlanta

dob: 1989-06-01  Dam: Moonswift Miss Valerie

Moonswift Piccadilly
Moonswift Miss Mitzie
Moonswift Malachim

dob: 1989-05-24  Dam: Clogheen Donna

Clogheen Nashwan Races At Yorcrechi
Clogheen Sally Choice

dob: 1989-04-19  Dam: Clogheen Louisa

Moonswift Miss Maddie

dob: 1989-03-05  Dam: Moonswift Miss Gizmo

Moonswift Ace Of Clubs
Moonswift Spotted Emma
Moonswift Miss Tina
Moonswift Empress Wu

dob: 1988-12-25  Dam: Razaques Angel Delight

Moonswift Mr Dessie of Clogheen

dob: 1988-12-20  Dam: Moonswift Miss Mingo

Moonswift Blue Melody
Moonswift Capo-Di-Monti

dob: 1988-12-06  Dam: Miss Piggy Of Moonswift

Moonswift Miss Mavis
Moonswift Del-Boy
Moonswift Powderfull

dob: 1988-12-01  Dam: Moonswift Miss Sable

Staround Foxy
Foxy Fellow Of Staround From Alltot
Moonswift Golden Glory

dob: 1988-09-23  Dam: Heathermount Yu Hu Of Moonswift

Moonswift Miss Scatti

dob: 1988-05-17  Dam: Moonswift Miss Felicity

Moonswift Mr Blue
Moonswift Blue Orchid

dob: 1988-03-04  Dam: Moonswift Painted Lily

Love Me Tender Of Staround At St.Erme
Moonswift Miss Gucci
Moonswift Miss Podessa

dob: 1987-07-05  Dam: Heathermount Astrid

Heathermount Queena

dob: 1983-05-21  Dam: Moonswift Scanlite

Ch. Moonswift Blue Barracuda

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