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1994 - 2007
INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NV-98-00 NORDV-95-98 EUW-97 KBHV-97Keshar's Mr Sandman

Reg. no
: N10586/94
: 1994-01-08
: Hairless
Ole Minde & Knut Franck-Myhre (Keshar's, Norge)
Gjert Stokke

  • ©Unknown


BISS (NMK/CC 2002), BIS-veteran (NKK 2003)

Siblings (5)


Keshar's Lilla Vackra Anna
Keshar's Mr Sandman
Keshar's Mr Shot
Keshar's Dixie Boy
Keshar's Lady In Blue

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2004-11-24  Dam: Eugenios Naked Truth At The Castle

Dogcastle's Miss Atilda
Ch. Dogcastle's Mr Avalon

dob: 1997-03-11  Dam: Hibacka's Rövardotter

Hibacka's Good Witch From West
Hibacka's Dorothy In The Moonlight
Hibacka's Wizard From Oz
Hibacka's Hunk The Tinman

dob: 1996-10-03  Dam: Gagaku's Follow My Heart

Gagaku's Miss Handy
Ch. Gagaku's Mister Charmy

dob: 1996-08-22  Dam: Keshar's Lilly-Lee

Båvens Celine Dion
Båvens Claudia Shiffer
Båvens Charles Barkley

dob: 1996-02-29  Dam: Nabokov's Something Special

Båvens Butterfly Orchis
Båvens Blue Tora-Lou
Båvens Brilliant Ice Fern

dob: 1995-10-03  Dam: Chinetta's Chiquitita

Müslis Ayla

dob: 1995-08-14  Dam: Chefens Krusmynta

Hibacka's Rövardotter
Hibacka's Bork
Hibacka's Birk

dob: 1995-07-24  Dam: Trollmyren's Amanda

Trollmyren's Criss Cross
Trollmyren's Ciccolina Curiosa
Trollmyren's Cornelis

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