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GBCH  Jokima Jive Bunny

Reg. no
: KCSB2803CE
: 1993-06-12
: Blue
: Hairless
Nikki Strawbridge (Jokima, England)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (5)


Jokima Jingle
Jokima Jive Bunny
Jokima Jazz Of Jacinda
Jokima Jarlequin
Jokima Jougal

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Moonswift Firefly

Jokima Janie

dob:   Dam: Zucci Jasmine At Jokima

Jokima Jolly

dob:   Dam: Zucci Jazz Fest at Shawcrest

Jokima Jonquil

dob: 1997-09-15  Dam: Jokima Just Gifted Of Omegaville

Omegaville Queen Bee
Omegaville Constellation
Omegaville Dragon King At Lemiz
Omegaville Dragon Master

dob: 1997-06-06  Dam: Jokima Just Amazing

Jokima Just Immpeccable

dob: 1995-10-07  Dam: Arrencrest Artasia At Riordan

Riordan Rumoured to be Jokima

dob: 1995-04-21  Dam: Moonswift Firefly

Jokima Julius
Ch. Jokima Jake

dob: 1995-01-13  Dam: Jokima Just Amazing

Jokima Just Immpecable
Jokima Just A Deviant
Jokima Just Incredible
Jokima Just Ice
Jokima Justin Thyme
Jokima Just Diva
Ch. Jokima Just Dynamic SOM

dob: 1994-10-03  Dam: Zucci High Class Lady Of Jokima

Jokima Jamiroquai
Jokima Jah Wobble

dob: 1994-09-01  Dam: Zucci Jasmine At Jokima

Jokima Jouez Avec Moi
Jokima Jinky

dob: 1994-08-18  Dam: Moonswift Firefly

Jokima Je Parlezanglaise
Jokima Jack Frost
Jokima Je M'Appelle Ashley

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