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1999 - 2017
CZCH  CZCCH  SKCH  Frencis Modry kvet

: 1999-11-25
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4")
Jiri Pospisil (Modry Kvet, Tsjekkia)
Jiri Pospisil (Modry Kvet, Tsjekkia)
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  • © Jan Simecek

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  • ©Jan Simecek


4x CACIB, CAC Slo, CAC Bulg., CAC Yug, res. CAC VDH, res. CAC D, CAJC SR

Siblings (7)


Febii Modry Kvet
Flori Modry Kvet
Fler Modry Kvet
Felicita Modry Kvet
Fill Modry kvet
Frencis Modry kvet
Francesca Modry kvet

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-09-09  Sire: Nicolass Modry kvet

Queen Modry kvet

dob: 2004-05-12  Sire: Jordi from House Off Angie

Meggie Modry kvet
Marssiel Modry Kvet
Ch. Mystic Modry Kvet

dob: 2002-04-21  Sire: Griffin Modry kvet

Ch. Irwin Modry kvet
Ilussy Modry kvet
Ingwar Modry Kvet
Itaco Modry Kvet

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