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INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  Chefens Emma

Reg. no
: S14239/91
: 1990-12-05
: White Vilt Mkgs
: Powderpuff
Astrid Lofs (Chefens, Sverige)
Hanna-Lena Malmberg (Zazza Paa Dou's, Sverige)
  • Chefens Emma m dotter Olivia
    ©Hanna-Lena Malmberg

  Sire's sire: Clogheen Adam
Sire: Clogheen Dixieboy
Sire's dam: Clogheen Bunny
  Dam's sire: Clogheen Dixieboy
Dam: Chefens Tuss
Dam's dam: Toppless Mimmi

Siblings (4)


Chefens Emil
Chefens Emmy
Chefens Emma
Chefens Emilia

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 1997-07-01  Sire: Blue Crest's Plutonium Boy

Zazza Paa Dou's Palazzo
Zazza Paa Dou's Rocko Barocko

dob: 1996-05-07  Sire: Blue Crest's Plutonium Boy

Zazza Paa Dou's Live And Lern
Zazza Paa Dou's Live And Love

dob: 1993-09-02  Sire: Puffen's Doctor Alban

Ch. Zazza Paa Dou's Ida
Zazza Paa Dou's Alfred
Zazza Paa Dou's Emil
Ch. Zazza Paa Dou's Hektor

dob: 1993-02-08  Sire: Hot Pot's All Time High

Zazza Paa Dou's Grace Jones
Ch. Zazza Paa Dou's Tom Cruise
Zazza Paa Dou's Olivia Newton-John
Ch. Zazza Paa Dou's Robert Aschberg

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