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RUSJCH  Milan 3 CAC, CACIB, 2 BOB, EDS Wels Europachampion Intermediate Classe, V1,CACA, SALZBURG 2XCAC,RCACIB,ALPENSIEGER, BOB, BOB, BIS, BIG, RUSSIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONZheneva-Debjut Dance of Romans

: 2017-11-17
: White&bronze
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8") / 4.60kg (10.1#)
Varcheva T. (Zheneva-Debjut, Russland)
Bella Thirring (Switzerland) (INSTEAD, Sveits)

  • ©unknown

  • Milan Italy 2xBOB

  • Best Intermediate Male

  • EDS Wels
    Europasieger Intermediate Class

  • 2019 Milan CAC,CACIB, BOB

  • 2019 Milan, CAC, CACIB, BOB

  • EDS 2019
    V1,CACA,best Intermediate Male

  • ©Jk

  • Salzburg

  • Europasieger Ausstellung 2019
    ©Bella Thirring

  • Luxemburg 2019
    ©Bella Thirring

  • ©Jk

  • 2019
    ©Bella Thirring

  • 16 months
    ©Bella Thirring

  • ©

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks


ALL TEST DONE IN 2019/Switzerland

Heart/Herz: Keine Geräusche/Normal

Eye Exam/KCS: Normal/Clear
prcd-PRA: NN (Normal/Clear: Optigen)
PRA-prcd3: N/N CLEAR
CERF: CLEAR with Gonioskopie
Degenerative Myelopathie Exon 2
(DM Exon 2): Genotyp N/N (Normal/Clear)
Canine Multiple Systemdegenerations (CMSD): Genotyp N/N (Clear)
Patella: 0/0 (Clear)

2 x BOB, BOS, BIG-1,
15.11.2018 Russian Junior Champion
30.03.2019 Salzburg ÖKV Club Show V1, CAC
31.03.2019 Salzburg IHA V1, CAC, RCACIB, Alpensieger
12.05.2019 LUXEMBOURG V2
18.05.2019 VDH Europasieger V2, RCAC
19.05.2019 VDH Frühjahrssieger V3
15.06.2019 EDS Wels, Europachampion V1,CACA, Intermediate Classe
16.06.2019 AUSTRIAN WINNER V1,CACA, Best Intermediate Male
26.07.2019 NDS Milan CAC, BOB
27.09.2019 Milan CAC, RCACIB
28.07.2019 Milan CAC, CACIB, BOB
04.08.2019 Kreuzlingen (CH), 2xV1, 2x Best Intermediate Male
08.09.2019 Baunathal (D), V1, CAC Best Intermediate
14.09.2019 Ahlen (D), V1, CAC,
15.09.2019 Ahlen (D), V1, CAC,
21.09.2019 Arezzo (I), V1, CAC,
22.09.2019 Arezzo,V1,CAC,BOB,BIG3
28.09.2019 Ornago, V1, CAC,RCACIB
29.09.2019 Ornago,V1,CAC,CACIB,BOS

Siblings (7)


Zheneva-Debjut Direct Hit
Zheneva-Debjut Discovery
Zheneva-Debjut Dance of Romans


Zheneva-Debjut Belyy Orel
Zheneva-Debjut Brayan
Zheneva-Debjut Buéna Vista
Zheneva-Debjut Brai?t

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-12-29  Dam: Be My Dog's Win A Cookie

Cover Girl
Call me All
Charles mit Bart
Clint in the Woods
Cinderella auf Himbeereis

dob: 2019-11-18  Dam: Heroina Winning Smile

Diluna's Blanchette
Diluna's Bianco
Diluna's Beauty Queen
Diluna's Blaika
Diluna's Britney
Diluna's Beverly
Diluna's Baxley

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