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AMCH  GRCH (US)  Multiple BIS, Multiple BISS, Sire of DistinctionKaylen's General Kai Panda SOD

Reg. no
: TS28410402
: 2015-12-19
: Black with White
: Hairless
  • Kai!!
    ©Eddie Baute(MyAngel Photography)

  • ©Vincent

  • Best in Specialty Show Chinese crested club of Nashville 2019
    ©Teddy Lei

  • Best of Breed Westminster Kennel club 2020
    ©John Ashbey

  • Best of Breed Westminster Kennel club 2019
    ©John Ashbey

  • BB
    ©Teddy Lei


3 Times Westminster BOB 2018,2019,2020
BOB Royal Canin 2019

#1 Breed and and #2 All Breed 2017 in the US
#1 Breed and All Breed 2018 in the US
#1 Breed and All Breed 2019 in the US

Siblings (2)


Kaylen's Kung Fu Panda
Kaylen's General Kai Panda SOD

Offspring (71) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Worka Art - Delende Spellbound At Sunlit

Ch. Piedmont Kaylen's Magic Trick

dob:   Dam: Worka Art - Delende Colors of the Wind

CH Piedmonts Dont Rain On My Parade

dob: 2022-09-22  Dam: Kaylen's Three Wishes

Ch. Kaylen's Classic Comedy THL

dob: 2022-06-15  Dam: MyAngel-Cristall Envi the Rumor at BleuKrewe

Ch. Bleukrewe's Snitches Get Stitches
Ch. Bleukrewe?s Can you Keep a Secret Wink Wink
BleuKrewe & Kaylen's A Whole Lot of Hearsay
BleuKrewe's Bound To Cause A Scandal

dob: 2022-06-01  Dam: Taja the Devil wears Nada

Ch. Taja Jimmy Choo
Taja the Devil went down to Georgia

dob: 2022-05-24  Dam: Kaylens Rosebriar Blowing in the Wind

MilAcres N Kaylens A Little Bit Of Magic
MilAcres N Kaylens Always The Belle Of The Ball
MilAcres N Kaylens Acquire What You Desire
MilAcres N Kaylens An Incredible Force
MilAcres N Kaylens A Presence Of Purity N Positivity
MilAcres N Kaylens A Whole New World
MilAcres N Kaylens Able To Fill Our Dreams

dob: 2021-11-15  Dam: J-R'Sribbons And Rosetts

Rosebriar's call me king
Ch. CH Rosebriar-Kaylens Princess of Power

dob: 2021-11-05  Dam: Cristall-MyAngel The Thrill of Victory

Ch. Candela MyAngel Hola Papi AOM
Candela MyAngel Macaroni

dob: 2021-10-05  Dam: Sunlit On A Carousal At Piedmont

Piedmont Kaylen's FL Queen
piedmont kaylen's emperors new groove

dob: 2020-10-30  Dam: Hampton Court's Rachel Dawes

Ch. Mountain View and Hampton Court Conjure the Storm

dob: 2020-08-25  Dam: Sofiris Show Giaconda Estate DOM

Kaylen's ....
Kaylen's .....
Kaylen's ..
Kaylen's ...
Kaylen's .

dob: 2020-08-05  Dam: Worka Art - Delende Spellbound At Sunlit

Ch. Piedmont Kaylen's the Ringmaster AOM

dob: 2020-05-18  Dam: Kaylen's Wish Upon A Star

Kaylen's May Shine Black for Olyuti
Ch. Kaylen's Maybe She's Magic at Sunval
Pp girl #2
Hl girl #4
Pp girl #1

dob: 2020-05-07  Dam: MyAngel-Cristall's Journey Of The Imagination DOM

Ch. Cristall-MyAngel N Kaylen Trick Of The Imagination
Ch. Cristall-MyAngel N Kaylen Willful Imagination
Ch. Kaylens Let Ur Imagination Run Wild Cristall-MyAngel

dob: 2019-12-10  Dam: Vanitonia All Wrapped Up At Kaylen's

Ch. Kaylen's What Ever Lola Wants

dob: 2019-11-21  Dam: Kaylen's Cosmopolitan

Ch. Kaylen Stillmeadow Im a MarshaMellow

dob: 2019-07-16  Dam: Yuki Shadow Dog

Olyuti's Ariel Gift Of The Stars
Ch. Olyuti's Atria New Star With Gattaca

dob: 2019-04-03  Dam: Kaylen's Backwoods Barbie

Ch. Sunval's Maybe She's Born With It at Jewels

dob: 2019-04-01  Dam: Kalan Bar-none Don?t take Your Love to town

Piedmont all eyez on me

dob: 2018-11-01  Dam: Pammar Move over Boys

Kaylen's Raising a Ruckus

dob: 2018-10-21  Dam: Kaylen's The Magic Of Love DOM

Ch. Kaylen's Love is in the Air

dob: 2018-10-11  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Loreen

Ch. Moon Harbour Orus
Moon Harbour Odin
Moon Harbour Onorine
Moon Harbour Olinda
Ch. Moon Harbour Orlof
Moon Harbour Odieuse
Ch. CH . Moon Harbour Octave

dob: 2018-10-01  Dam: MyAngel-Cristall's Journey Of The Imagination DOM

Ch. Kaylens Vivid Imagination from MyAngel-Cristall
Ch. Cristall-MyAngel Look What u Made me Do @ Dasha

dob: 2017-11-29  Dam: Kaylen's The Magic Of Love DOM

Ch. GCh Kaylen's Ministry of Magic
Ch. Kaylen's Ministry of Love
Ch. Kaylen's Bare Minmum

dob: 2017-11-27  Dam: Kaylen's Cosmopolitan

Ch. Ch Kaylen's Hard To Believe
Ch. Kaylen's Simply Unbelieveable
Ch. Ch Kaylen's I Believe He's Been Spotted

dob: 2017-09-18  Dam: Sofiris Show Giaconda Estate DOM

Ch. Kaylen's One for the Money
Ch. Kaylan's Rosebriar One Is The Luckest Number
Kaylen's Pp F1
Ch. Kaylen's Two For The Show

dob: 2017-06-18  Dam: Blanch-o's Adore Throwing Shade

Ch. Kaylens Love Is An Open Door
Ch. GCHB Kaylen's For The First Time In Forever
Ch. Kaylen's Do You Want to Build a Snowman

dob: 2017-06-02  Dam: Kaylens Dare To Compare

Ch. Kaylens Pammar Don t Stop The Music *
Ch. Kaylen's Fly Like An Eagle

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