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VDHCH  CERCH  VDHJCH  class winner WDS 2017, Europasieger 2019Ashantal Zavier
"Martin "

: 2015-09-09
: Bronze-white
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Alla Pugina (Ashantal, Russland)
Sylvia Fitze (Be My Dog's, Tyskland)

  • ©D.Jäger

  • ©unknown

  • ©unknown

  • ©Felicia Lemmeke

  • ©Michael Rüssing

  • ©unknown

  • ©S.Fitze

  • Angelina

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Sylvia Fitze

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Bianca

  • ©Lene

  • Junior handling with Jaimie first place

  • ©Bianca Lübke

    8 months, first show

  • 7,5 months
    ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • 6,5 months
    ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Be My Dog's

  • 5 months and two weeks
    ©Be My Dog's

  • ©Ashantal

  • ©Ashantal

  • ©2.5 months

  • ©2.5 months

  • ©2.5 months

  • one week


PLL, PRA clean by parents, PL 0/0

EW Show Dortmund : VV1
CACIB Dortmund : VV1
Sommer Ausstellung Rahlstedt : V1, JCAC, JCAC VDH Sommerjugendsieger
CACIB Bremen 2016 : V1,CAC Club, CAC VDH, Junior BOB, BOB !
CACIB Hannover 2016 : V1, CAC, CAC VDH
CACIB Neumünster 2017 : V1, CAC, CAC VDH
EWS Dortmund 2017 : V1, double CAC, Double CACVDH
10.11.2017. WDS. Open class 1/16, CAC VDH, CAC Club
CACIB Neumünster 2018: V1, CAC Club, CAC VDH, CACIB, BOS finished German Champion
CACIB Leipzig : Exc.1, cac VDH, CAC Club, CACIB, BOB
CACIB Bremen : Exc.2, res.CAC
Nat. Bremen : Exc.1, cac VDH, CAC Club, CACIB, BOB
European Winner Show Dortmund 2019 : V1, CAC, CAC VDH, CACIB, BOB ( Europasieger 2019 )

Siblings (3)


Ashantal Zurina
Ashantal Z
Ashantal Zavier

Offspring (35) (Descendents)

dob: 2023-09-22  Sire: Be My Dog's Alexa Silky Pants

Be My Dog's I'm Hugo The Boss
Be My Dog's I'm A Sassy Diamond

dob: 2021-11-13  Dam: Habibi Habibti vom Eifeldiamant

Be My Dog's Enter Sandman
Be My Dog's Evel Knievel
Be My Dog's Eliza Doolittle
Be My Dog's Ene Mene Muh
Be My Dog's Ekke Nekkepen
Be My Dog's Eddie The Eagle
Be My Dog's Earl Of Berlin

dob: 2019-11-27  Dam: Habibi Habibti vom Eifeldiamant

Be My Dog's Xailey
Be My Dog's Xess
Be My Dog's Xalea Elva
Be My Dog's Xadora
Be My Dog's Xunambo
Be My Dog's Xalando
Be My Dog's Xanthin
Be My Dog's XY Unsolved

dob: 2018-12-21  Dam: Be My Dog's Tootie Toot

Be My Dog's Vaudeville Hook
Be My Dog's Vote For Mr Red via Epiphany
Be My Dog's Vanilla Velvet
Be My Dog's Vlad Dracul
Be My Dog's Varlas Comic Illusion
Be My Dog's Voice Mail
Be My Dog's Vangelis

dob: 2018-04-04  Dam: Ilory Lasting Impression

Be My Dog's Thermo Socks Sue
Ch. Be My Dog's Take It N Shake It
Be My Dog's Texas Dawn
Be My Dog's Top O What
Be My Dog's Twisty Whiz
Be My Dog's Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW
Be My Dog's Two Eyed Tilda

dob: 2017-04-16  Dam: Anabell Silent Dog

Baron Summer Cherry
Ch. Balis Summer Cherry
Bruner Summer Cherry
Bona Summer Cherry

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