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Noam Top Model De Rama

: 2014-08-17
: Black/White
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Mrs Rasquart-Masson (Top Model De Rama, Belgia)
Karolina Musilova (Forseti's, Tsjekkia)
  • ©Monika Sogelova

  • Noam - BOB and 1.BIS
    ©Monika Sogelova

  • ©Forseti´s

  • ©Michaela Trnobranska

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart

  • ©Dylan Massart


23.8.2015 IDS Mechelen- exc.3
29.8.2015 IDS Luxemboug- exc.4
13.9.2015 IDS Libramont- exc.1
27.9.2015 IDS Maastricht- exc.2
4.10.2015 IDS Charleroi- exc.1
14.11.2015 IDS Kortrijk- exc.3
25.11.2015 IDS Lovaniu- exc.
20.12.2015 IDS Brussel- exc.2
26.8.2017 Regional Show Prague- exc.1,Class Winner, Regional Winner, 2.BIG
30.9.2017 IDS Backa Topola- exc.2, res.CAC
1.10.2017 NDS Turija- exc.2, res. CAC
7.10.2017 Club show Ceske Budejovice- exc.1, CAC, BOB, 1.BIS
8.10.2017 IDS Ceske Budejovice- exc.1, CAC
01.12.2018 Club show Hostoun- exc. 1, CAC
30.11.2019 IDS Prague- exc.3/6

stud dog
prcd PRA clear
PLL clear
PRA rcd3 clear
DNA test
CERF+ KCS clear
patella 0/0 clear

Siblings (4)


Laila Top Model De Rama
Lucifer Top Model De Rama


Nessa Top Model De Rama
Noam Top Model De Rama

Offspring (75) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-07-21  Dam: Invisible Woman Plysovy pritel

Nimeria Plysovy pritel
Navaro Plysovy pritel
Nugat Plysovy pritel
Nairoby Plysovy pritel
Nutty Plysovy pritel
Naginy Plysovy pritel

dob: 2021-06-09  Dam: Angel O' Check Lim Po Po

Chiyoko In Terra Civis
Chiron In Terra Civis
Coco Chanel In Terra Civis
Caruso In Terra Civis
Captain Kirk In Terra Civis
Cupernikus In Terra Civis

dob: 2020-07-23  Dam: Greta Garbo Milfra-Moravia

Ch. Jumanji Milfra-Moravia
Jack Sparrow Milfra-Moravia
Jimi Hendrix Milfra-Moravia
Julianna Milfra-Moravia
Jasnenka Milfra-Moravia
Jitrenka Milfra-Moravia

dob: 2020-04-25  Dam: Forseti's Cola Vanilla


dob: 2019-07-05  Dam: Talltales From Russia with Love

Forseti's Risky Business
Forseti's Rockafellaz Revenge
Forseti's Rambling Rose
Forseti's Rising Star
Forseti's Royal Princess

dob: 2019-05-25  Dam: Greta Garbo Milfra-Moravia

Isaacs Jason Milfra-Moravia
Ingrid Bergman Milfra-Moravia
Isara Lamya Milfra-Moravia
Iggi Pop Milfra-Moravia
Izzy Stradlin Milfra-Moravia
Iris Sarfi Milfra Moravia
Ida Isis Milfra-Moravia

dob: 2019-05-07  Dam: Hera Molka

Fera Viva Fobya
Fera Viva Frapin
Fera Viva Furelle
Ch. Fera Viva Filippo

dob: 2019-03-19  Dam: Forseti's Cola Vanilla

Forseti's Pippy Longstockin
Forseti's Pride N Joy
Forseti's Poetry in Motion
Forseti's Pocket Rocket
Forseti's Perfect Lullaby
Forseti's Prince Charming
Forseti's Papa Drew
Forseti's Pardon My Dust
Forseti's Pippy Longstockin

dob: 2019-03-05  Dam: Anne Sofii Mikeilon

Ardiles Cane Bene
Amelia Cane Bene
Angelina Cane Bene
Austin Cane Bene

dob: 2018-06-23  Dam: Nebulous Cloud Sasima (fci)

So Important Question Sasima FCI
Sir Elvis Sasima Fci
Smart Answer Sasima Fci
Ch. Simple Sentence Sasima FCI
Sure About It Sasima Fci
Secret Word Sasima FCI

dob: 2018-04-20  Dam: Forseti's Cola Vanilla

Forseti's Olive Oyl
Forseti's Olivia Oni
Forseti's One Night Stand
Forseti's Outta Sight
Forseti's On High Heels
Forseti's Oki Doki

dob: 2018-01-30  Dam: Jaca Navarra Pazzda

Paolo George
Pauline Laura Pazzda
Paolo George
Pauline Laura
Pauline Laura

dob: 2017-12-16  Dam: Apriori Vip Jorjetta

Ch. Ichiro Garden Roses
Isamu Garden Roses
Izumi Garden Roses

dob: 2016-10-25  Dam: Mona Lisa Top Model De Rama

Piia du Palais de Nashka

dob: 2016-10-15  Dam: Olina Top Model de Rama

Prince Charles Édouard du Palais de Nashka
Petit Homme du Palais de Nashka
Prince Oberyn Martell

dob: 2016-05-18  Dam: Ma Star Top Model De Rama

Prince Lou du Palais de Nashka
Pandora du Palais de Nashka

dob: 2016-03-26  Dam: Mona Lisa Top Model De Rama

Princess Black and White du Palais de Nashka

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