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EECH  LVCH  Lunnaya Sonata Adetta

: 2013-12-29
: blue & white
: Hairless
Yurchenko L. (Yurchenko L., Russland)
Silja Pääkkönen (Dogventures, Finland)
  • 06.03.2016 Tallinn, Estonia
    Bitch CC Winner
    ©Essi / Stormblåstens

  • 21.02.2016
    ©Essi / Stormblåstens

  • 24.05.2015
    ©Essi / Stormblåstens

  • 22 march 2015
    winning junior CC at Latvia
    ©Essi / Stormblåstens

  • About 10 months
    ©Essi Suominen / Stormblåstens

  • 07.06.2014
    About 5 months old
    ©Essi Suominen / Stormblåstens

  • April 2014

  • ©L


1 x BOS
Multiple Best Bitch placements
2 x LV CC
3 x EE CC
1 x LV Junior CC

Siblings (5)


Leonardo Da Vinchi
Little Black Beauty Adilia
Lezhens Life Ivanhoe
Laskovaya Night Aphelion
Lunnaya Sonata Adetta

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 2019-05-17  Sire: Stormblåstens Ain't Like You

Stormblåstens Undisclosed Desires
Stormblåstens Starlight
Stormblåstens The Small Print
Stormblåstens Butterflies And Hurricanes
Stormblåstens Yes Please

dob: 2017-05-19  Sire: Anna Sky Kennel Absolutely Fabulous

Dogventures Bold And Beautiful
Dogventures Butterfly Effect
Dogventures Back To The Future
Dogventures Been There Done That
Dogventures Bewitched At Stormblåstens

dob: 2016-09-14  Sire: Sunstreaker Jinx Proof

Stormblåstens Edge Of Sanity
Stormblåstens Killing Joke
Stormblåstens All Of You
Stormblåstens Heart Of Fire

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