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Junior Champion TurkishMy Vanity Fair La-Tte Macchiato

Reg. no
: PRA - clear PLL - clear DM - clear
: 2013-05-12
: Hairless
Larisa Kostromina (My Vanity Fair , Russland)
Larisa Kostromina (My Vanity Fair , Russland)
  • 10 months Eurasia - show

  • Eurasia

  • WDS 2014 Finland, Helsinki

  • WDS 2014 Finland, Helsinki

  • 10 ???????

  • ©Lubov Shulgina

  • ©Lubov Shulgina

  • ©Lubov Shulgina

  • ©Kostromina L.

  • 2,5 months
    ©Lubov Shulgina

  • ©Lubov Shulgina

  • 2 months

  • 2 months

  • 37 days


PRA - clear, PLL - clear, DM clear

23.03.14 Moscow Russia Eurasia'14 2 day - exellent-2, RJCAC ( ANA MESTO (Spain))
21.06.14 CACIB in Istambul - JCAC, Best Junior, Best Of Breed, BIG-3 (Louis Pinto Teixeria)
22.06.14 CACIB in Istambul- JCAC, Junior Champion Turkish, Best Junior, Best of Breed!!! BIG-2, BIS Junior- 1!!! Supreme BISj-2 (competition of winers 3 days)(Espen Eng)
10.08.14 WDS 2014 Finland, Helsinki - excellent-3 junior class (Mark Houston-McMillan (Canada)
6.09.14 Luxemburg - ex-1 intermedia, CAC

Siblings (4)


My Vanity Fair La-Toya
My Vanity Fair La-Tina
My Vanity Fair La-Tte Macchiato
My Vanity Fair Lakantina

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-04-24  Dam: Rolana Family Verity Victoria

Ch. Rolana Family Evangelista
Rolana Family Eremey
Ch. Rolana Family Elisey

dob: 2015-09-09  Dam: My Vanity Fair Graffiti

My Vanity Fair Absenth
My Vanity Fair Aurelika

dob: 2015-04-05  Dam: Miss Sajgon Next Germanika

My Vanity Fair Spartak(puff)
My Vanity Fair Sinty(puff)
My Vanity Fair Stiv

dob: 2014-12-03  Dam: Olegro Katrin Niagara

Rolana Family Grace Kelly
Rolana Family Galileo
Rolana Family Godfather
Rolana Family Genius of Pure Beauty

dob: 2014-09-08  Dam: Olegro Katrin Viagra

Rolana Family Invincible
Ch. Rolana Family Infant
Ch. Rolana Family Interstellar

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