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Lionheart Koming Up Next

: 2012-07-01
: blue
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Susanne Ehnberg, Amanda Nilsson (Speechless, Sverige)
  • 6 years
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 6 years
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 6 years
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • 14/9-2016
    ©Kennel Speechless

  • ©Jean T Alexandersson

Siblings (6)


Lionheart Katch The Flax
Lionheart Kristal Klear
Lionheart Kan Jam And Jelly
Lionheart Kia Rio
Lionheart Koming Up Next
Lionheart Keep This Feeling

Offspring (53) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-09-14  Dam: Kalimera's Cinndoughrella

Kalimera's Apple Jacks
Kalimera's Booberry
Kalimera's Cap'n Crunch

dob: 2022-07-06  Dam: Oblivion Donkey Punch

Oblivion I Fink U Freeky
Oblivion I See Stars

dob: 2020-02-22  Dam: Speechless Time To Shine

Speechless Next One To Shine

dob: 2019-05-11  Dam: Wildeers Atlantis Belladonna

Wildeers Dragon Heart
Wildeers Delicious Candy

dob: 2018-10-09  Dam: Speechless The Winner Takes It All

Speechless Kall Me A Winner
Speechless Next Winner
Speechless In It To Win It
Speechless Victory Is My Destiny
Speechless All In For Victory
Speechless Winner Is Koming
Speechless Win Again
Speechless Kan-Kan Win-Win

dob: 2015-06-30  Dam: Lionheart Keep My Dream Alive

Lusiras Caught red handed
Lusiras Come clarity
Lusiras Call of the wild

dob: 2015-03-30  Dam: Crestyle Then came Me Hl

Mamres Chan the Man
Mamres Comeback Jack
Mamres Chase the Ace
Mamres Case from Space

dob: 2015-03-12  Dam: Lionheart Keep The Change

Lusiras Born To Be Wild
Lusiras Believe In Magic
Lusiras Beyond Imagination

dob: 2014-08-28  Dam: Ratlers Amber


dob: 2014-05-22  Dam: Lionheart Komeback Kween

Lionheart Kaunt Down
Lionheart Kause I'm Worth It
Lionheart Kake To Bake
Lionheart Kry Me A River
Lionheart Kup Kake
Lionheart Katch Me I'm Flying

dob: 2014-02-19  Dam: Lionheart Keep My Dream Alive

Lusiras Lovely-Dream
Lusiras Magic-Dream
Lusiras True-Dream

dob: 2014-02-16  Dam: Koynaur's Dee Dee's Deluxe

Lionheart Kind Of Krazy
Lionheart Klose To Perfekt
Lionheart Kaunt Me In
Lionheart Knows Best

dob: 2014-01-13  Dam: Hanah z Boniki

Kemp Belua Mea
Kitten Belua Mea
Killer Belua Mea
Karma Belua Mea
Kobra Belua Mea
Keen Belua Mea
Klever Belua Mea

dob: 2013-12-16  Dam: Untouchable's Material Girl

Lionheart Koming Home For Kristmas
Lionheart Kristmas Kaos
Lionheart Kicking Snowballs
Ch. Lionheart Kristmas Miracle

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