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FINCH  SECH  HeJW-13 FIJW-13Arte Figure Hojo Hojo

: 2012-09-30
: Powderpuff
Lassi Alestalo (Arte Figure, Finland)
Heidi Nummiola (Kiikunkaakun, Finland)
  • At Seinäjoki Nat. Show 26.10.2014 under Mr. Jouko Leiviskä from Finland: Arte Figure Hojo Hojo ?Melvin? BOS & CAC -> FI CH and Arte Figure Happy Ending ?Kaya? BOB & CAC -> FI CH, LT CH & LV CH
    ©Markku Vaitinen

  • Melvin 20 months.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • 20 months
    ©Hanne Tuomenoksa

  • 20 months
    ©Jussi Jas Suvela

  • Melvin HeJW-13
    ©Royalette´s photography

  • Melvin Bob puppy in Kemi group show 2013

  • 6 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 5 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 5 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 4 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 4 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 12 days
    ©Arte Figure

  • 6 days
    ©Arte Figure

Siblings (4)


Arte Figure Hangover
Arte Figure Hole In One
Arte Figure Hojo Hojo
Arte Figure Happy Ending

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-01-06  Dam: Vanitonia A La Carte

Ch. Maybell's Ugly Duckling
Maybell's Unique Girl
Maybell's Up-And-Coming
Maybell's Upside-Down

dob: 2014-10-01  Dam: Arte Figure Euphoria

Arte Figure Judas
Arte Figure Jeroham
Arte Figure Jasher
Arte Figure Jediel
Arte Figure Jemima

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