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2011 - 2014
DKJW-12Nomilas Captain In Charge

: 2011-11-25
: particolour
: Powderpuff
: 31.50cm (12.4")
Matilda Sveningsson, Pierre Lago (Nomilas, Sverige)
Matilda Sveningsson, Pierre Lago (Nomilas, Sverige)
Maj-Britt Nielsen (Maximilla, Danmark)
  • Danish Junior Winner 2012, 11 month old
    ©Hottie Tots

  • 19 month

  • Boogie at the Danish and Nordic winner show.
    Boogie Danish Junior Winner 2012
    ©Hottie Tots

  • Boogie 9 month old
    ©Jean T Alexandersson

  • Boogie 9 month old
    ©Jean T Alexandersson

  • Boogie 6 month old

  • 15 April 2012.

  • Boogie 10,5 weeks

  • 8 weeks
    ©Peter Magnusson

  • 6 weeks

  • 5weeks

  • 3weeks

  • 2weeks

  • 1week


1 x Res CAC Denmark
1 x BOB Junior
Danish Junior Winner 2012

Siblings (5)


Nomilas Crown On Top
Nomilas Captain In Charge
Nomilas Class Of His Own
Nomilas Classy Winner On Top
Nomilas Cc In Love

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-03-30  Dam: Blancmange Only Salsa

Maximilla's Absolute Like Dad
Maximilla's A Heart To Remember
Maximilla's Amazing Millie Vanillie
Maximilla's A
Maximilla's About A Little Secret
Maximilla's Almost Unreal

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