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Submit Crested news from around the world, whether it is a story of a Crested's special achievement, a reportage
from a show or any other news worthy item you might think of!
Simply fill in the form, include a picture or more, click on the submit button and the submission is sent to us for
approval before publishing. Please make sure you include complete results if submitting show results,
as we are unable to edit news submissions, to add or update results in case of errors.

Finland, Helsinki Winner-11 03.12.2011

Judge Natalja Nekrosiene, 66 Cresteds »Read more

Spain, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz. XXIX National Dog Show, XIV International Dog Show

A total number of 44 Chinese Crested. »Read more

Helsinki 4.12.2011 Finnish Winner

Judge Zeljko Gajic »Read more

Finland Jyväskylä INT 20.11.2011 Hound of music

Finland Jyväskylä INT 19.11.2011

FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions 2011

Orkdal 13.11.2011

Sweden SKK Växjö 5/11 2011, judge Laurent Pichard

Herning Danish winner 2011

Denmark Herning 2011-11-05

Int. show Bleiswijk (NL) 5 nov'11

INT. Dog Show "ZOOEXPO 2011" Riga 2011-10-29

Finland Seinäjoki INT 30.10.2011

Swedish Chinese Crested Club Specialty September 3

The Norwegian Kennel Club - Int Show - Hamar, 9/10 2011

SKK INT Sundsvall 9/10 Judge Tomas Rohlin Denmark/ BIG Judge Kerstin Nilsson Denmark

Gimo International Sep 2011, Judge Anna Brankovic

Richmond 9/9 2011


SOFIERO SKK 2011-09-11

EKET SDHK 2011-09-10

NKK Rogaland 11.09.2011. Judge: Wera Hübenthal



Steinkjer 03.09.2011 Judge : Henrik Johansson

International show in Reykjavik 27.august 2011

GOTLAND INT 28/8 2011

GOTLAND INT 27/8 2011

Tromsö International 28/8 2011

Swedish Winner Show 2011-08-21 SKK Norrköping INT 40+42

Eskilstuna Int 20/8 Judge Helle Dan-Pålsson

Oslo.NKK's 20/08-2011.

Joensuu 14.8.2011, All Breed Show

Bournemouth championship show

Joensuu Int. 13.8.2011

Toydogshow Verdal 14.08.2011 Judge : Hans Almgren

14.8.11 Valkeakoski, Finland, All Breed Show

Toydogshow Verdal 13 august Judge: Dagmar Klein Romania

Paington CH Show UK

Chinese Crested Club Championship show

Askersund 14/8-11

Denmark Vejen 28.7.2011

Vejen INT 2011-07-31


Ransäter int 29/7


Toydogshow Grenå 22 juli 2011

Tornio Int. 23.7.2011

Tvååker INT 2011-07-15, Judge Dick Terry

2011-07-16 SKK Tvååker

Piteå Int show July 17

Alfta Forspark 2011-07-09, Judge Torbjörn Skaar

Windsor Championship Show UK

Trondheim Norway INT July the 2:nd

Vestnes 10.07.2011

Vestnes 10.07.2011

Kemi Finland, judge Maciej Kozber, Poland

Borås SKC July 4, 2011 Judge Åsa Andersson

SKC Avesta June 19, Judge Hans Lehtinen

Latvia/Ogre Dog Show 3 July 2011

Norsk Chinese Crested klubb -Rasspecial 2011. Klæbu 3/7-2011

Oppdal 19. 6.2011

Oppdal 18.06

Estonia, Pärnu INT 19.6.2011

Estonia, Pärnu INT 18.6.2011

Gällivare INT 20110618 Sweden

Internationale Ausstellung Erfurt 19.06.2011

Nationale Ausstellung Erfurt 18.06.2011

Danmark Int KBHV-11 18/6 Judge Elfriede Heidecker

Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung Saarbrücken 13.06.2011 Germany

Røros Hundeklubb 11/6-11

Internationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung Neumünster 05.06.2011 Germany

Show in Reykjavik, Iceland, 5.june 2011

NKK Drammen, Norway 4juni 2011. Judg Gay Jeavons.Canada.

Finland, Helsinki 28.5.2011

Trondheim Hundefestival 28.05.2011 Judge: Kari Granaas Hansen

Hässleholm Int Sweden 2011-05-21

Trondheim Hundefestival 29.05.2011 Judge: Dusan Paunowic

2011-05-29 Finland Varkaus nat

Österbybruk May 29, Judge Mrs Åsa Andersson

Swedish Chinese Crested Club Specialty 2011-05-22

2011-21-05 Finland, Somero Nat.

Swedish Kennelclub show Piteå 22/5

Swedish Toy Dog Association show Luleå 21/5

Moss 21-05-2011

NMHK Avd. Østfold 22.05.2011

14/5 Överkalix Nationell utställning

2011-05-15 Finland Rauma nat

NKK INT Kristiansand Norway 2011-05-08

W.E.L.K.S GB 30/4 2011

VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung Dortmund 07.05.2011

FCI Jahrhundertsieger Dortmund 06.05.2011

2011-05-07 Finland Tampere INT

Leto-hallen 30-04-2011.

Estonia/Rekvere National Dog Show 10 April 2011 Judge: Inese Pablaka/Latvia

Estonia/Rekvere National Dog Show 9 April 2011 Judge:Andrzej Kazmierski

Leto-hallen 01-05-2011

Nat.Show Orre (N)

Sunndalsøra 01.05.2011

Sunndalsøra 30.04.2011

2. Internationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung Dresden 24. April 2011.

17-04-2011 show antwerpen belgium judge mevr de wilde

Västerås Nat Judge A.Kappers 79 enties

Tönder, DK 2/4 Judge Birte Scheel

Finland, Vaasa Int 09.04.2011

Forshaga SDHK 2011-04-09

44. Internationale Rassehunde - Ausstellung Berlin 03.04.2011

Dfds CRUFTS 2011.03.13

82nd International Dog Show Luxembourg 27.03.2011

Malmö INT

NKK Int Show in Harstad/Norway - 20 mars 2011

Ströby DK 19/3 Judge Mrs Helle Dan-Pålsson

International show 27. feb. 2011, in Reykjavik, Iceland

Puppy Of the Year 2010 in Sweden

Int. Show in Bø Telemark. Norway 19.02.2011

Fredericia DK Int 12/2 2011 Judge Mr Hans Boelaars NL

Toydogshow Zutphen (the Netherlands) february 13th 2011

Finland, Turku Int 22.01.2011

Festival der Rassehunde Castrop - Rauxel 30.01.2011

Kajanni Int - Finland 9 January 2011

Göteborg INT 6/1 211

MyDog Göteborg International 7/1 2010 Judge Mrs Rita Kadine-Skadina

Furnished Coat - new genetic test for chinese crested

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