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ATCH  CZCH  CZCCH  INTCH(FCI)  SKCH  BIS Puppy, res BIS PuppyGirra Plysovy pritel

: 2008-11-17
: Hairless
Jirina Strnadova (Plysovy pritel, Tsjekkia)
Hana Hrciakova, CZ (Decoroso, Tsjekkia)
  • CACIB Brno (CZ)
    Girra fulfilled conditions for title "CZCH" and "INTCH (FCI)"

  • Velka Ida (SK) 2012
    2x CAC, res CACIB Winner of Slovakia, Final Shortlist BOB ©Roman P

  • Velka Ida (SK) 2012
    2x CAC, res CACIB Winner of Slovakia
    ©Roman P

  • ©S.Kejhova

  • CAC Banska Bystrica (SK) 2012
    Judge: Iveta Vojtekova (SK)
    Excellent 1, CAC (from 3)

  • CAC Kassel (DE) 2011 - VDH, CAC
    Judge: H.Assenmacher-Feyel (DE)

  • 4x Split (Cro) 2011

  • 4x Split (Cro) 2011

  • ©decoroso.estranky

  • CACIB Brno - 06/2011

  • ©

  • Coursing Nova Ves

  • CACIB Brno (CZ) 5.2.2011
    CAC (from 9)
    Judge: P. Król (PL)

  • CACIB Trencin (SK) 22.1.2011
    - CAC, CACIB
    Judge: I. Vojtekova (SK)

  • 2x CACIB Wels (A) 4.-5.12.2010
    CACA (from 5), res CACA
    Judge: Espen Engh (N), Hans van den Berg (NL)

  • Club Show Prague (CZ)2010
    CAC (from 6), BOB final short list
    Judge: Karin Bernardis (A)

  • Club Show Prague (CZ) 2010
    BOB final short list
    ©Sona Kantova

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©

  • Club Show Prague (CZ)
    Judge: Dusan Kuris (SK)

  • Club Show Salzburg (A)
    Judge: W. Holtorf (DE)

  • coursing

  • Best Puppy - CACIB Portoroz 2009 (SLO)
    Judge: Cristian Stefanescu (ROM)

  • res BIS Puppy - Rokycany (CZ)
    Judge: Antonin Mudra (CZ)

  • 4,5 months

  • 7 weeks


BIS Puppy, res BIS Puppy, 2x Best Puppy, 3x BOB final short list, 4x CACIB, 2x res CACIB
International Champion, Champion of Austria, Czech Chinese Crested Club Champion, Champion of Czech Republic, Champion of Slovakia

Year 2012
Slovakia - 3x Exc.1, 3x CAC, res CACIB, Winner of Slovakia, Final Shortlist BOB
Poland - Exc.1, CWC
Germany - Exc.1, VDH, CAC
Czech Republic - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Exc.2, res CAC

Year 2011
Slovakia - CAC, CACIB
Czech Republic - CAC
Austria - CACA, CACIB, BOB final short list
Croatia - 3x res CAC, res CACIB
Germany - VDH, CAC, 2x res VDH = 2x VDH, 2x res CAC = CAC (for Champion VDH)

Year 2010
Austria - 3x CACA, res CACA, CACIB
Czech Republic - 2x CAC, 4x res CAC, BOB final short list
Hungary - CAC, res CAC
Germany - 2x res VDH CAC
Slovakia - 2x res CAC
Luxemburg - res CACL

Year 2009
Czech Republic - Very Promising 1, res BIS Puppy (Regional Show Rokycany)
Slovenia - 2x Very Promising 1, 2x Best Puppy (2x CACIB Show Portoroz)
Slovakia - Very Promising 1, BIS Puppy (Club Show Smolenice)

DNA test for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) 05/2010 - CLEAR
Prcd PRA - normal / CLEAR for parentage
PRA rcd3 - normal / CLEAR
CERF of eye examination - proste / UNAFFECTED

Siblings (6)


Gingels Plysovy pritel
Gremmi Plysovy pritel
Girra Plysovy pritel
Gambi Plysovy pritel
Gillien Plysovy pritel
Ginger Plysovy pritel

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-04-29  Sire: Armani Labas Rytas

Fergis Decoroso
Ferron Decoroso
Fantasia Decoroso
Fatima Decoroso
Felippe Decoroso
Francis Decoroso

dob: 2014-10-12  Sire: Eyron z Teramonu

Ch. Etienne Decoroso
Eliante Decoroso
Engillo Decoroso
Eyron Decoroso
Elienne Decoroso

dob: 2013-02-03  Sire: ICh. Azak Crestedgang

Ch. Cairon Decoroso
Corelei Decoroso
Comtess Decoroso
Caylin Decoroso

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