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FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  Twice as Nice Long Stick Goes Boom

Reg. no
: S51140/2007
: 2007-06-18
: Bluespotted
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
Yvonne Samuelsson & Karina Karlsson (Kaa Won's, Sverige)
  • ©Wrisnig

  • ©Wrisnig

  • Piteå 201005
    ©Kaa Won´s

  • Nuch,Finch Tromsö 090808
    ©Kaa Won`s

  • ©Tur-Åke Karlsson

  • BOB Kemi 090711
    ©Kaa Won´s

  • BOB CACIB CAC Oulo 090719
    ©Kaa Won`s

  • BOB CAC Kemi090711
    ©Kaa Won`s

  • Kemi 090711

  • CAC in Piteå-09
    ©Anna Granberg

  • CAC Piteå-09
    ©Anna Granberg

  • ©Anna Larsson

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Wrisnig

  • ©Åsa Kriström

  • ©Samuelsson

  • 6 månader
    ©Kaa Won`s

  • ©Samuelsson

  • ©Micke Samuelsson

  • ©Boomer 8 weeks old

  • Boomer five weeks old


5x Norwegian Cert (CAC)
4x Swedish Cert (CAC)
2x Finnish Cert (CAC)
1x Swedish CACIB
1x Finnish CACIB
1x Norwegian CACIB
Best Junior in Show 4
BIR (BOB)-Junior
BIM (BOS)-Junior
BIR (BOB)- Unghund
BIM (BOS)-Unghund
2x BIS 2
1x BIS 4


Siblings (2)


Twice as Nice Loud 'N Proud
Twice as Nice Long Stick Goes Boom

Offspring (34) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-09-10  Dam: Dragon Moon Make Me See Stars

Windy Forest's My Own Star
Windy Forest's Starry Night
Windy Forest's Wannabe Rockstar
Windy Forest's Star Effect
Windy Forest's Starboomer
Windy Forest's Starcatcher
Windy Forest's African Star of Starrstalactite

dob: 2011-08-10  Dam: Chineseblue's Key To Success

Minnepy's True talent
Minnepy's This Is The Key

dob: 2010-06-17  Dam: Ariadne

Chakrat's Boogieman
Chakrat's Boomer after his father

dob: 2010-03-12  Dam: Twice as Nice Drama Queen

Twice as Nice Triple the Pleasure
Twice as Nice The Heat Is On
Twice as Nice Thrill the Crowd
Ch. Twice as Nice Take the Stage

dob: 2009-08-19  Dam: Twice as Nice Kinky Valentine

Stormcrest Million Dollar baby
Stormcrest Gossip Girl
Stormcrest Luke Skywalker
Stormcrest Cliffhanger
Stormcrest I'Am Legend

dob: 2009-08-06  Dam: Lisar's Going To Chineseblues

Ch. Chineseblue's Love At First Sight
Ch. Chineseblue's Little Miss Sunshine
Chineseblue's Lady Of Power
Chineseblue's Lucky You
Chineseblue's Lovely Boy
Chineseblue's Ladylike

dob: 2009-02-01  Dam: Luminara's Pink Passion Girl

Kaa Won's Evil Game
Kaa Won's Each Way
Kaa Won's Exotic Wager
Kaa Won's Even Money

dob: 2008-12-16  Dam: Twice as Nice Hellucination

Ch. Twice as Nice Rebel Yell
Twice as Nice Razzle Dazzle
Twice as Nice Right Here Right Now
Ch. Twice as Nice Revelation AOM SOM

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