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2005 - 2011
LUXCH  NLCH  Taijan Dreamer Peter Pan

Reg. no
: NHSB 2573224
: 2005-01-20
: white and black
: Hairless
Sascha Kobel (Taijan Dreamer, Tyskland)
Owner unknown.
  • Dogmagazine "Hondenmanieren" in the Netherlands September 2007
    ©Ria van Middelaar (Dog Photographer)

  • Dogmagazine "Hondenmanieren" in the Netherlands September 2007
    ©Ria van Middelaar (Dog Photographer)

  • Puppy-time
    ©wendy vaan oosten

  • August 2006
    ©Wendy van Oosten

  • Puppy-time
    ©Wendy van Oosten

  • August 2006
    ©Wendy van Oosten

  • August 2006
    ©Wendy van Oosten

  • ©Demski

Siblings (6)


Taijan Dreamer Pretty Woman
Taijan Dreamer Pünktchen
Taijan Dreamer Polly Pocket
Taijan Dreamer Power Ranger
Taijan Dreamer Provokateurtoconcept
Taijan Dreamer Peter Pan

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-11-20  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Sugarcake

Taijan Dreamer Opera Star
Taijan Dreamer Only For You
Taijan Dreamer On High-Heels
Taijan Dreamer Okaido
Taijan Dreamer On Behalf of Sugar
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Overdrive
Taijan Dreamer Our Snowflake

dob: 2007-09-25  Dam: Happy Dancing Dutch Darling

Handsome Hobbit
Hi Hearbreaker
Happy Dancing Hot Hippy
Heavenly Horse
High Hercules
Hurry Hotshot

dob: 2007-05-29  Dam: Newbourne Happy Dancing Rowena

Ch. Happy Dancing GoGo Gadget
Ch. Happy Dancing Gotcha
Happy Dancing Great Gentleman
Happy Dancing Gigolo Glenn
Happy Dancing Gorgeous Girl

dob: 2006-04-02  Dam: Hi-Nan Fanbellina

Happy Dancing Exotic Enigma
Happy Dancing Exciting Eddie
Ch. Happy Dancing Eternal Elmo
Happy Dancing Exploding Energy

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