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2000 - 2012
res.CACDeuce Ankadi

: 2000-03-23
: grey
: Hairless
: 27.00cm (10.6") / 4.10kg (9.03#)
Procházková Katerina (Ankadi, Tsjekkia)
Procházková Katerina (Ankadi, Tsjekkia)

  • ©jan

  • 1 year ©Jan Simecek

  • deuce 7 years

  • 6 months©

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res. CAC

Siblings (3)


Deuce Ankadi
Dex powder Ankadi
Daphne powder Ankadi

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-04-19  Sire: Cris Certova Stena

Kinczem Ankadi
Kenya powder Ankadi
Koudy Ankadi

dob: 2006-07-26  Sire: Eichir Powder Ankadi

Jezinka powder Ankadi
Julinka Ankadi
Jenifer Ankadi

dob: 2005-03-07  Sire: Eichir Powder Ankadi

Choki powder Ankadi
Chiki powder Ankadi

dob: 2004-06-04  Sire: Eichir Powder Ankadi

Grepík Ankadi
Gaston powder Ankadi
Goldie powder Ankadi
Gipsy powder Ankadi

dob: 2003-10-01  Sire: Eichir Powder Ankadi

Fluffy Ankadi
Flocky Ankadi
Fee Bee Ankadi

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