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NUCH  SECH  Twice as Nice Devils Delight

Reg. no
: S15393/2004
: 2003-12-27
: Blue spotted
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9")
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
  • ©Wardström

  • ©Thanx to Tobias Ryrbäck!

  • ©Kriström

  • ©Wardström

  • ©TurÅke

  • ©Henrik Futtorp

  • ©Darlene Anderson

  • ©Darlene Anderson

  • ©Darlene Anderson

  • ©Karlsson

  • ©Micke Samuelsson

  • ©Linda Bruneryd

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Twice as Nice

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Lena Edström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Nille Wardström

Siblings (6)


Twice As Nice Deal Me In
Twice As Nice Desert Sparkle
Twice as Nice Drama Queen
Twice as Nice Devils Delight
Twice As Nice Dark Horse
Twice As Nice Divine Destiny

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2006-02-07  Dam: Princess Leia's Amazes Me Of Rocky

Princess Leia's Nowhere Man
Princess Leia's Good Day Sunshine
Princess Leia's Here Comes The Sun
Princess Leia's A Hard Day's Night

dob: 2005-08-19  Dam: Belshaw's Admire

Twice as Nice Helldorado
Twice as Nice Hells Angel
Ch. Twice as Nice Hellucination
Twice as Nice Hellbound
Twice as Nice Hellevation
Twice as Nice Hells Bells
Twice as Nice Hell Yeah

dob: 2005-07-23  Dam: Princess-Leia

Princess Leia's Tequila Sunrise
Princess Leia's Lyin'Eyes
Princess Leia's Hotel California
Princess Leia's New Kid In Town

dob: 2004-12-06  Dam: Twice As Nice Bubbling Spirit

Twice as Nice Far Out
Twice as Nice Fanboy Hardcore
Twice as Nice First Crush
Twice as Nice Full Tilt Boggie

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