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1981 - 1993
ACCCCH  Gipez's Hu-Ching SOM

Reg. no
: TD413216 6-91
: 1981-02-18
: Blue & White
: Hairless
Ginette Perez (Gipez's, USA)
Owner unknown.
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Siblings (19)


Gipez's Hu-Ching SOM
Gipez's Kung-Chu Of Sun-A-Ra
Gipez's Garden Of Eden
Royal Crest's Epes Tennie Of Gipez
Gipez's Lou Chou
Royal Crest's Mitzvah Of Gipez


Gipez's Emperor-Ming
Gipez's Shu-Chi Of Sun-A-Ra
Gipez's Mo-Shu
Gipez's Chin-Te
Gipez's Imperial Buddha


Gipez's Gin-Gin Of SAndcastle
Gipez's Ssu Chi P'Ao
Gipez's Cornelia Of Wenlo
Gipez's Chin-Chin
Gipez's Ka Ying Of Jann
Gipez's Ming Ming Of China Crest


Gipez's Ching Lee
Gipez's East Of Eden

Offspring (82) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Dickerson's Harriet Of Mayapan

Jonhenry's Dixie May Dickerson

dob:   Dam: Mordor Marina Of Gipez

Gipez's Ming-Shu

dob: 1992-07-08  Dam: Dickerson's Lady Jane Fonda

Dickerson's Tiny Termight

dob: 1992-04-13  Dam: Gingery's Chargi Of Dynamite

Victory's Cairngorm DOM

dob: 1992-01-12  Dam: Dickerson's Nefiteri Of Egypt

Dickerson's Ying Ming

dob: 1991-10-29  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Autumn Haze

Sun-A-Ra's Toshi Of Gipez

dob: 1991-05-16  Dam: Gipez's Mei-West

Gipez's Naisha
Ch. Gipez's Loo-Pang

dob: 1991-02-06  Dam: Gipez's Jeaisha DOD

Victory's Malibu Beach
Ch. Gipez's Sha-Ching
Ch. Victory's Flasher

dob: 1990-05-08  Dam: Gipez's Lotus Of Oz

Gipez's Wanxian
Ch. Gipez's Kumar
Gipez's Ying-Ming

dob: 1989-11-17  Dam: Gipez's Chuti-Tiu


dob: 1989-05-27  Dam: Gipez's Alluring Cocaine

Gipez's Yea-Lea
Gipez's Nashwan
Gipez's Chee Chee-Lee

dob: 1989-04-08  Dam: Gipez's Chuti-Tiu

Gipez's Yi-Ming
Gipez's Chang-Hu

dob: 1989-03-26  Dam: Mordor Marina Of Gipez

Gipez's Nilani

dob: 1989-03-12  Dam: Gipez's Lotus Of Oz

Gipez's Sumi

dob: 1989-02-04  Dam: Sun-A-Ras Crash At Darwalk

Sun-A-Ra's Willow

dob: 1989-01-15  Dam: Gipez's Shu-Chi Of Sun-A-Ra

Sun-A-Ra's Madmartigan

dob: 1988-04-22  Dam: Gingery's Truffles 'N' Cream DOM

Ch. Gingery's Thunder

dob: 1988-01-02  Dam: Gipez's Zo-Lay

Gipez's Chang-Ching

dob: 1987-04-14  Dam: Dodd's Coconut Lizzie Makara

Makara Mariah Kandee
Makara's Dividend At Kensington
Makara Kokeshi
Makara's Nikiska

dob: 1986-09-19  Dam: Dodd's Coconut Lizzie Makara

Makara's Azara Shabcae
Makara's Wilyn I'm Not
Makara's The Temptress
Ch. Makara I'm Magic Of Lothlorien

dob: 1986-09-08  Dam: Gipez's Mei-West

Gipez's Yo-Dda
Gipez's Charlie Brown
Gipez's An-T'uan
Gipez's Ne-Chu

dob: 1986-08-02  Dam: Mordor Marina Of Gipez

Gipez's Majestic Buddha
Gipez's Mo-Chin
Gipez's Ming-Chu

dob: 1986-06-09  Dam: Ne Chu Farrah Of Crest Haven

Eric's Dragon Slayer Of Oz
Eric's Chinoiserie Panda Of Oz
Gipez's Lotus Of Oz

dob: 1986-06-08  Dam: Ne Chu Farrah Of Crest Haven

Eric's Right Stuff Of Oz

dob: 1986-03-23  Dam: Gipez's Zo-Lay

Gipez's Fedora

dob: 1986-03-07  Dam: Gipez's Ling-Ling

Gipez's Panda Bear
Gipez's Oriental Blossom
Gipez's Shin-Thuan
Gipez's Lo-Chai

dob: 1986-01-03  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Gipez's Imperial Ching
Gipez's Snogirl Of Sun-A-Ra

dob: 1985-12-18  Dam: Dickerson's Cleopatra Mayapan

Dickerson's Apache Blue Star
Dickerson's Looki Wooki Kandee
Dickerson's Henry Higgins

dob: 1985-08-31  Dam: Ne Chu Farrah Of Crest Haven

Spennymoor Huan Ruan Oz
Spennymoor Bai Tsa Oz

dob: 1985-08-30  Dam: Ne Chu Farrah Of Crest Haven

Erics Pink Floyd C H Oz
Krimida's Sasha Foo Of Oz
Erics Sparkl-Plenti

dob: 1985-08-15  Dam: Dynasty's Pearl Of The Orient

Dynasty's Solo

dob: 1985-02-07  Dam: Gipez's Zo-Lay

Gipez's Shu-Yen Of Oz
Gipez's Sparky
Ch. Gipez's Opium Scent

dob: 1985-01-02  Dam: Gipez's Zo-Lay

Gipez's Nounouk

dob: 1984-12-25  Dam: Gipez's Peau De Soie

Razzmatazz Komodo Dragon
Razzmatazz Chameleon

dob: 1984-11-22  Dam: Dickerson's Harriet Of Mayapan

Jonhenri's Dixie May Dickerson
Ch. Dickerson's Oriental Rose
Darshire Different Drummer

dob: 1984-09-15  Dam: Mordor Soo-Ying Of Gipez

Gipez's Mei Li Kung Chu
Gipez's Shanghai

dob: 1984-02-07  Dam: Gipez's Kaity Tong

Gipez's Chung Lee
Gipez's Zo-Lay
Gipez's Ci Xi Of Jann
Ch. Gipez's Ling-Ling
Ch. Gipez's Belle Noire

dob: 1983-12-13  Dam: Mordor Marina Of Gipez

Gipez's Jimini Cricket
Gipez's Joie De Vivre
Rosemary's Eden Of Gipez
Ch. Gipez's Mushroom Mautoe Of Gingery

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