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2015 - 2018
Shlyahetski Gonar AllDom Risorto

: 2015-01-01
: chocolate-white
: Hairless
Brynza Alina (Shlyahetski Gonar, Hviterussland)
Alla Klen, Kiev, Ukraine (Dom Risorto, Ukraina)
  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto

  • ©Dom Risorto


PLL-clear by parents

Siblings (8)


Shlyahetski Gonar Angelo
Shlyahetski Gonar Airan Sheih
Shlyahetski Gonar Amelia
Shlyahetski Gonar AllDom Risorto


Shlyahetski Gonar VanDer Vill
Shlyahetski Gonar Vinsent
Shlyahetski Gonar ViVien
Shlyahetski Gonar Vanilla

Offspring (55) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-08-30  Dam: Nougat In Chocolate Dom Risorto

O ///

dob: 2017-07-03  Dam: Revolution in dance Dom Risorto

Maseratti Dom Risorto
Mercedes Dom Risorto
Maybach Dom Risorto

dob: 2017-02-28  Dam: Mazzo di Fiori Minodora

Lord Of the Rings Dom Risorto
Lady Hamilton Dom Risorto CGN
Lucky Penny Dom Risorto
Lake Of Energy Dom Risorto
Love At First Sight Dom Risorto
Lider Forever Dom Risorto

dob: 2017-02-15  Dam: Sher Apriori Beatiful Ruah-In-Vifania

Karnelia Kinkala Cashmere iz Clana Timurlana
Karolina Queen Emerald iz Clana Timurlana
Kallistemon Ruby Brown iz Clana Timurlana
Kullinan Great Star iz Clana Timurlana

dob: 2017-02-07  Dam: Xannaxa Dom Risorto

Kamelot Dom Risorto
Key To Success Elvis Dom Risorto
Kelvin Jack Pot Dom Risorto
Kiss Princess Dom Risorto
King of the Ring Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-12-24  Dam: Cherry in Chocolate

Jamayca Feast iz Clana Timurlana
Jackanapes Joker iz Clana Timurlana
Juli Du Jay iz Clana Timurlana
Javiana Choco Yen iz Clana Timurlana
Jazzy Glee iz Clana Timurlana

dob: 2016-11-19  Dam: Ecstasy Exotic Dinaburg

Ice Cream Dom Risorto
Isa-Bella Dom Risorto
Ilaria Djm Risorto

dob: 2016-08-27  Dam: Perry Adeya El Tiola

Frey Carlos El Tiola
Floyd Casper El Tiola
Fred Cullen El Tiola
Fabi Cass El Tiola

dob: 2016-08-11  Dam: Milisenta Dom Risorto

Hollands Dom Risorto
Hammer Dom Risorto
Hugo Boss Dom Risorto
Habanera Dom Risorto
Highlands Dom Risorto
Harisma Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-08-06  Dam: Irene House Baronesse Bless

Hayly Trish iz Clana Timurlana
Harizma Orange Sun iz Clana Timurlana
Hanna Kinsey iz Clana Timurlana

dob: 2016-07-05  Dam: Mazzo di Fiori Minodora

Guns N' Roses Dom Risorto
Gaius Julius Caesar Dom Risorto
Guardare Dom Risorto
Gold Winner Dom Risorto
Grand Prix Dom Risorto
Girl Power Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-06-28  Dam: Nougat In Chocolate Dom Risorto

Flen Ulisse For Clan Timurlana Dom Risorto
Fantasia Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-06-20  Dam: Revolution in dance Dom Risorto

Eureka Gold Droplet Dom Risorto
Elisse Vesna Diamond Clana Timurlana Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-04-22  Dam: Valencia Priz Timurlana Super Allegro

Fanfan Chocco Chips iz Clana Timurlana
Fillip Band Eros iz Clana Timurlana

dob: 2016-04-08  Dam: Ecstasy Exotic Dinaburg

Dolce Vita Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-03-21  Dam: Kaliforniya Dom Risorto

Chantal Dom Risorto

dob: 2016-03-19  Dam: Adel Super Allegro

Eroshka Choko Ladnenkiy iz Clana Timurlana

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