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AUSTCH  AUSTGRANDCH  ITACH  YUCH  MKCH  MOLCH  SUP AUST CH, EGYPT CH, Multi BIS Winner, Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Kosovo, Balkan Champion, Yugoslavian Champion, Supreme Australian Champion, Australian Champion, Italian Champion, Moldova Champion, Macedonian Champion, Champion of Egypt, Champion of Bosnia Herzegovina, Club Champion 2019, TOP CHINESE CRESTED (All Varieties) 2019 IN ITALY, Champion of the year 2019 in Italy, ENCI Selected ReproducerKarakush Nothing Up My Sleeve

Reg. no
: 2100402893
: 2014-03-28
: Black & White
: Hairless
L & H Gibson (Karakush, Australia)
Maria Corea (Habanero, Italia)

  • ©Habanero?s Crest

  • ©Habanero?s Crest

    ©Habanero?s Crest

  • ©Habanero?s Crest

  • ©Habanero?s Crest

  • ©H Gibson

  • Luxation Patella Level 0 (09/02/2019)

  • CERF Clear 09/02/2019

  • ©L gibson

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©@

  • ©Meagher Photography

  • ©H Gibson

  • ©H Gibson

  • ©Ally Constentino

  • ©J Hockey
    6 months old

  • Competing for baby in Show
    ©H Gibson

  • Best Baby in Group
    ©H Gibson

  • 5 months
    ©H Gibson

  • ©H Gibson

  • 3 months
    ©H Gibson

  • 9 weeks
    ©H Gibson

  • 8 weeks
    ©H Gibson

  • 4 days old
    ©H Gibson


Heath test:
PLL - clear by own test
prcd PRA - clear by own test
PRA prcd 3 - clear by own test
CERF Clear (30/05/2018)
CERF Clear (09/02/2019)
Luxation Patella Level 0 (09/02/2019)

Siblings (5)


Karakush Hair Tday Gone Tomorow
Karakush Shake Wot Ya Muma Gavu
Karakush Doz My Bum Luk Big In This
Karakush Clothes Maketh Th Man
Karakush Nothing Up My Sleeve

Offspring (42) (Descendents)

dob: 2020-03-28  Dam: Anna Sky Kennel Taygeta

Anna Sky Kennel Turbo Drive
Anna Sky Kennel Tobiana
Anna Sky Kennel Try Me Hot
Anna Sky Kennel Twix Double Secured
Anna Sky Kennel Tutto Bene
Anna Sky Kennel Theodore
Anna Sky Kennel Time of Mars
Anna Sky Kennel Tiara CC Top Exclusive

dob: 2020-03-20  Dam: Annael Terradimezzo

Habanero?s Crest Narciso
Habanero s Crest Nike Foxy
Habanero?s Crest Nemesi

dob: 2020-03-19  Dam: Aranel Terradimezzo

Habanero?s Crest Monet
Habanero?s Crest Miss Candy
Habanero?s Crest Mad Love
Habanero?s Crest Made In Italy
Habanero?s Crest Mulan
Habanero?s Crest Moët&Chandon

dob: 2020-03-02  Dam: Dakota Dei Freuhartang

Grand Tairon Freuhartang
Glorious Gargamellus Freuhartang
Gamma di Papa Freuhartang
Galadriel Freuhartang

dob: 2019-04-24  Dam: Premier Mari Tereza

Fiery Fame Uber Black
Fiery Fame Urban Finland
Fiery Fame Ultra Modern
Ch. Fiery Fame Unison Perfect

dob: 2019-02-23  Dam: Habanero Diamonds are Forever

Habanero s Crest Just a Million Reasons

dob: 2018-12-19  Dam: Nilla Pizzi delle fate e dei folletti

Habanero?s Crest Ice Princess

dob: 2018-10-03  Dam: Beloved Sweet Harmony Albara

Mei Shadow Dog
Michi Shadow Dog
Mizuki Shadow Dog
Meiji Shadow Dog
Ch. Mikasa Shadow Dog
Minori Shadow Dog

dob: 2018-08-26  Dam: Kihosomu Gardeniya

Habanero's Crest Hairless Queen
Habanero's Crest Handmade With Love
Habanero's Crest Heaven's Door

dob: 2018-02-17  Dam: Happylea Blak Beauty

Happylea Ridgey Didge

dob: 2017-02-02  Dam: Karakush Slippery Lil Sucker

Karakush When Nude Isnt Rude DUPLICATE
Ch. Karakush Pants Off Friday
Karakush When Nude Isnt Rude
Karakush Back Crack n Sack

dob: 2016-10-02  Dam: Chinois oolahlah

Karakush The Hurricane

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