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Ayuma vom Apfelland

: 2014-05-13
: Hairless
Elvira Hauser (vom Apfelland, Tyskland)

  • ©E.H.

  • ©E.H.

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Vom Apfelland

Siblings (4)


Alice vom Apfelland
Ayuma vom Apfelland
Ahani vom Apfelland
Amira vom Apfelland

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-07-27  Sire: Just A Junkie von Shinbashi

Evolution The Bushwalker
Etan The Bushwalker
Elfe in Black The Bushwalker
Eliah The Bushwalker
Ealasaid The Bushwalker

dob: 2020-12-04  Sire: Gallurius Tar 'N Tender

Dandy The Bushwalker
Dizzy The Bushwalker
Doolittle The Bushwalker
Darling The Bushwalker

dob: 2017-12-05  Sire: My Andy Son von Shinbashi

Bailong the Bushwalker
Baihu the Bushwalker
Bonian the Bushwalker
Binway the Bushwalker
Baoloi the Bushwalker

dob: 2016-08-14  Sire: Armani King of Diamonds

Aroma the Bushwalker
Alraune the Bushwalker
Adonis the Bushwalker
Avalon The Bushwalker

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