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HRHC  CZCH  CZCCH  CZGCH  INTCH(FCI)  SKCH  5x BOB, BOG 3, National winner 2015, Karawanken Winner 2012, Zagreb Winner 2012, Cruft´s 2013 VHCFelippe Jemalle

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/4622/11
: 2011-02-10
: red and white
: Hairless
: 32.75cm (12.8") / 5.70kg (12.5#)
Markovicova Lenka (Jemalle, Tsjekkia)
Jana Kvicalova (Appleberry, Tsjekkia)
  • World dog show 2021

  • World dog show 2021

  • Ids brno, champion class ex 1/4 cac
    New Czech Grand CHAMION ;-) almost 7yrs
    ©Freuhartang, Martin Bachron

  • Club show 2017, rocco 6,5yrs
    ©Z jasne hvezdy

  • Club show 6,5yrs
    ©Z jasne hvezdy

  • ©MS

  • IDS Nitra 29.11.2014
    !!!BOG 3!!!!
    Laurent Heinesche (CH)

  • IDS Nitra 29.11.2014
    !!!BOG 3!!!!
    Laurent Heinesche (CH)
    ©Kennel Akwen

  • European dog show
    champion class exc.4 from 18 dogs
    ©Anna Viktorova

  • Eurodogshow 2014 -Excellent 4!!!!!
    ©Queen Malverne

  • ©Anna Viktorova

  • ©Anna Viktorova

  • Eurodog 2014
    ©z Jasne hvezdy

  • IDS Zagreb: CAC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner, BOB and new CROATIAN CHAMPION

  • IDS Zagreb: CAC, CACIB= CQ 2013

  • ©vsezved

  • WCS Anif
    excellent 4!!!!
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • WCS Anif
    I am a very happy dog :-))
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • WCS Anif
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • WDS Salzburg
    very good :-D
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • WDS Salzburg
    range of motion
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • WDS Salzburg
    15months, free table standing
    ©Petr Trhlik-Akwen Kennel

  • 23.5.2012
    patella luxation 0/0

  • CACIB show Bratislava SK
    CAJC, Qualified for Cruft´s 2013, BIS junior shortlist

  • CACIB Bratislava

  • CACIB Ceske Budejovice
    excellent 3

  • CACIB Ceske Budejovice

  • CACIB Ceske Budejovice

  • Duo CACIB Brno
    Exc 3 + exc 2
    ©Nezhodova Lucie

  • NDS Brno
    exc 4
    11 months
    ©Peniakova Renata

  • Club show Jihlava
    very promissing (youth class)

  • 6,5months-our sweetest Rocco :-)

  • 4months, first show training, posing

  • IDS Brno 2011- Very promissing

  • 4 months; first show training, movement

  • 14,5 weeks

  • ©Jemalle

  • 11 weeks

  • 7 weeks

  • 7 weeks

  • 7 weeks

  • 7 weeks

  • 6 weeks

  • 6 weeks


PRA rcd3 clear, PLL, PRA prcd clear by parents
Valid eye exam clear on inheretide diseases
patella luxation 0/0

21.4. IDS Praha (kolinsky CZ), veteran ex1/2
20.4. Club show Praha (D.r. Martinez, esp) veteran ex1/2, BOS!!!!
3.2. IDS Brno (Jovanovic) honour ex1

3.2. Ids brno champion (z.jilkova cz) ex1, cac
=> czech grand champion

5.11.Ids praha champion (z.brotankova cz) ex 4
4.11.Ids praha champion (g.robak pl) ex 4
14.10.Clubshow bernolakovo (o.dudas sk) ex4
25.6. IDS Brno (S.Lepasaar lv) ex1,CAC
10.6. Clubshow brno (r.maskova) ex.2, r.CAC
5.2. IDS brno (D.Paunovic slo) ex4
4.2.Ids brno (p.rehanek) ex2, r.cac

21.6. NDS klatovy winner (r.maskova) ex1, cac, national winner
11.4.NDS Ostrava winner (s.chiesa folbrecht ro) ex2 , r.cac
8.2.IDS Brno champion (O.Vondrous CZ) ex2, r.cac
7.2.IDS Brno champion (T.Kucera CZ) ex1

7.12. IDS Wels champion V2,r.CACA (Delmar Kathy IRL)
6.12. IDS Wels open Ex3 (Delmar Sean IRL)
30.11. IDS Nitra CAC, r.CACIB (Jussi Liimatainen FIN)
-> he fullfilled conditions for SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION
29.11. IDS Nitra CAC, CACIB, BOB (Kornelia Butrimova LT), BOG3 (Laurent Heinesche CH)
-> he fullfilled conditions for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
26.10. EDS Brno Champion-ex 4/ 19 (B.Bregenzer A)
25.10. NDS Brno-champion Ex.3 (Kavcic M. CRO)
20.9. Club show ceske budejovice- champion Ex.2, r.CAC (Mudra A. CZ)
8.4. IDS Salzburg- Ex 1, CAC, r.CACIB

10.8. IDS Innsbruck champion- V2, r.CACA
30.6.IDS Brno champion- V2, r.CAC
1.6. IDS Nitra r.CAC
28.4. IDS Salzburg V2, r.CACA
8.3. Crufts: open- VHC
3.2. IDS Brno: champion- V(Paunovi? SRB)
2.2. IDS Brno- champion V4 (Jovanovi? SRB)
5.1. NDS Brno- intermediate: V2, r.CAC (Brotankova CZ)

9.12. IDS Wels: intermediate- ex1, CACA, res.CACIB (Kitty Sjong DK)
8.12. IDS Wels: intermediate Ex2 (J.Nagler ISL)
2.12. Nitra: intermediate- Ex4 (Vojtekova SK)
1.12. Nitra: intermediate- Ex.3 (Gunis SK)
-> he fullfilled conditions of CROATIAN CHAMPION (aged 21months and 7days)
18.11. IDS Zagreb: intermediate-Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner, BOB (Marie Hamill IRE)
17.11. IDS Zagreb: intermediate- Ex1, CAC, CACIB- Cruft´s Q. (Volarikova SK)
-> fullfilled the conditions for Czech club champion!!!! he is only 20months and 11days old!!!!
21.2. IDS Komárom (H)-Ex2, r.CAC
20.10. IDS Komárom (H)- ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Sz.Gróf H)
19.8. IDS Bratislva SK-intermediate- CAC, CACIB (N.Smolic CRO)
18.8. IDS Bratislava SK-intermediate-r.CAC (K.Szulc PL)
17.8. Speciality SK-intermediate-CAC (D.Carroll IRE)
15.7. IDS Oberwart-intermediate- r.CACA (Dr.Schemel,A)
24.6. IDS Pécs- intermediate-ex.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB (P.Behan,IE)
23.6. IDS Pécs- intermediate-ex.1,CAC,res.CACIB (v.KLUCNIECE ,LV)
17.6. IDS Klagenfurt- intermediate-ex.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB (D.Klein, RO)
16.6. IDS Bled - intermediate-ex.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB (D.Risdan, SLO)
20.5. World Club show- junior- Ex4/7 (Pichard)
19.5. WDS Salzburg -junior- very good (van Brempt)
12.5.IDS Bratislava- junior- Ex1, CAJC, Qualified for Cruft´s 2013 (Volarikova), BIS Junior shortlist (Ridarcikova)
IDS Ceske Budejovice -junior- ex.3
IDS Brno -junior- ex.2
IDS Brno -junior- ex.3 (Blümel)
NDS Brno -junior- ex.4

24.9. Club Show Jihlava CZ- puppy- Very promissing 1/3 (Dolejsová)
26.6. IDS Brno- baby- Very promissing

Siblings (3)


Fantaghiro Jemalle
Fabienne Jemalle
Felippe Jemalle

Offspring (5) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-06-12  Dam: Takara Jemalle de GabriTho

Ch. His Majesty Jemalle
Ch. Jemalle Heureka
Hot Chilli Jemalle
Hurricane Jemalle
Hot Chocolate Jemalle

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