Dot's Struttin Her Stuff Of R B H

Chung Ho De Chann-Ell
Ding Ho De Chann-Ell
Dickerson's E T Of Mayapan
Mordor Coronet Rivercrest Croatoan
Dickerson's Red Dragon Lady
Dickerson's Aztec Daisy-Maya
Dickerson's Aztec Emperor Chinese Crested
Dickerson's Aztec Emperor
Dickerson's Sue Wong-Mayapan
Val's Chiquita Banannas
Val's Redfield Rover
Rivercrest Clar'et Of North Born
Wah-Ling Of Rivercrest
Val's Suzie Que Fu Manchu
Fancy Fu Manchu Of Rivercrest
Rivercrest's Goldie Dakota
Sasanataba Erh Yueh Yun
Val's Mandingo
Fancy Fu Manchu Of Rivercrest
Gorski's Dandy Spot
Maya Of Rivercrest
Val's Little Egypt Fu Manchu
Fancy Fu Manchu Of Rivercrest
White Child
Staround Millers Raven Of Allegazoo Rivercrest
Rivercrest Clarian Of Allegazoo
Phaedrian's Eden Of Mooncrest
Rivercrest Lepard Lady
Stonecrest Snowflake Of Rivercrest
Crest Haven Venus Of Rivercrest
Regenerate pedigree

F: 0.39