Dickerson See-Blu At Calisa

Rodridge Royal Dickerson Chinese Crested
Rodridge Royal Dickerson
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar Chinese Crested
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar
Staround Romeo
Staround Koko
Staround Hunta
Moonswift Miss Dixie
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift Chinese Crested
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift
Moonswift Demelza
Moonswift Pussy Galore
Cannybuff Casanova Of Moonswift
Staround Wee Wo
Cannybuff Cala
Cannybuff Cleopatra
Cannybuff Cilva Chinese Crested
Cannybuff Cilva
Cannybuff Cala
Alltot Ch'ing Te Of Dickerson
Aes Into Amberro
Winterlea Intoo Of Aes
Ming Li Of Winterlea Chinese Crested
Ming Li Of Winterlea
Winterlea Sunbelle Chinese Crested
Winterlea Sunbelle
Sandcrest Nugget Nicola
Staround Geronimo
Staround Karma
Jevalfy Chrysanthemum
Jevalfy Worzel Gummidge
Aes Into Amberro
Knotrom's Nikki
Sweet Sylvia Of Jevalfy And Cownbred
Aes Into Amberro
Aes Aradia
Regenerate pedigree

F: 0.12