China-Crest's Spring Rose Of Sweden

Liang De Xochitlalpan
Donald Zwaaluw Beek Chinese Crested
Donald Zwaaluw Beek
Wendy's Spikkel Chinese Crested
NLCH W.'78)-W. 82
Wendy's Spikkel
El-Chiquitin's Kung-Fu-Chinaman
W '76
Highclass Kan-Di-Pa
Highclass Pollyana Chinese Crested
Highclass Pollyana
Highclass Mr Ching Lee Of Aes Chinese Crested
Int Ch
Highclass Mr Ching Lee Of Aes
Highclass So' best 'a
China de Xochitlalpan
Prator's Black Bruta Hong Chow
Prator's African King
Bellcrest's Unanimous Belle
Hua Hua de Xochitlalpan
Moonswift Petite Fleur
Man At The Top Of Moonswift
Man About Town Of Moonswift
Staround Romeo
Heathermount Provocative
Pekevista See Mee Too
Pekevista Fu Shi Chan
Arrendene Highclass Chinese Moonshine
Heathermount Provocative
Cannybuff Cilva Chinese Crested
Cannybuff Cilva
Staround Expo Chinese Crested
Staround Expo
Staround Channa
Winterlea Moon Godess Of Heathermount
Ming Li Of Winterlea Chinese Crested
Ming Li Of Winterlea
Heathermount Phoenix Of Winterlea Chinese Crested
Heathermount Phoenix Of Winterlea
Regenerate pedigree

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