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Oriental Jokes Ran Panther

Reg. no
: S31511/2001
: 2000-02-17
: blue sptd
: Hairless
Eva Vincent-Schmid (Oriental Jokes, Frankrike)
Doris Cüch (Belsebubs, Sverige)
Frank & Helene Nilsson (Mc Carthy's, Sverige)
  • ©GAD

  • ©A. Vincent

  • ©unknown

Siblings (3)


Oriental Jokes Perla


Oriental Jokes Ran Panther


Oriental Jokes Tamaris

Offspring (51) (Descendents)

dob: 2005-10-20  Dam: Belsebubs Hera

Flywheel's Mystic Boy
Flywheel's Smashing Speed
Flywheel's Funny Flower
Flywheel's Summerlove

dob: 2005-10-02  Dam: Belsebubs Ådi

Belsebubs Chan Cimoon
Belsebubs Chang Li
Belsebubs Chilli Yang

dob: 2005-07-22  Dam: Flywheel's Bless You

Belsebubs Baik Jang Go
Belsebubs Ba Ba Shan Ren

dob: 2005-06-20  Dam: Kroog's Lady In Red

Flywheel's Skyhunter
Flywheel's Shiva
Flywheel's Gimli
Flywheel's Prallini

dob: 2005-03-07  Dam: Belsebubs Exie

Belsebubs Awan
Belsebubs Ataia
Belsebubs Akata
Belsebubs Ataia
Belsebubs Ates
Belsebubs Atos

dob: 2005-02-26  Dam: Belsebubs Danca

Belsebubs Zatu
Belsebubs Zeng
Belsebubs Zong

dob: 2005-02-22  Dam: Belsebubs Danca

Belsebubs Zerax

dob: 2004-07-20  Dam: Pride&glory Lambi

Pride&glory Nixon
Pride&glory Tuva
Pride&glory Smarty

dob: 2004-07-03  Dam: Belsebubs Maddie

Flywheel's Happy For You

dob: 2003-07-24  Dam: Flywheel's Nova Sund

Flywheel's Peace Fighter
Flywheel's Beauty Hilly
Flywheel's Vanessa Guy

dob: 2002-08-04  Dam: Flywheel's Ronja Rövaredotter

Flywheel's Svarta Sara
Flywheel's Domino
Flywheel's Fluffy
Flywheel's Timmy

dob: 2002-06-24  Dam: Flywheel's Beauty Queen

Alfastigen Raqui Herkules

dob: 2002-05-23  Dam: Kroog's Golden Glamour

Kroog's Madicken

dob: 2002-05-18  Dam: Flywheel's Bless You

Belsebubs Kyi Sun San
Belsebubs Kya Jong
Belsebubs Kiss Me Kate
Belsebubs Kima Jho
Belsebubs Kira Sung

dob: 2002-04-10  Dam: Flywheel's Santa Clara

Flywheel's Candy Boy
Flywheel's Memory Of Bambi

dob: 2001-10-27  Dam: Flywheel's Lady-Snärt

Flywheel's Lilla Vackra Kajsa

dob: 2001-10-20  Dam: Flywheel's Santa Clara

Flywheel's Bell High
Flywheel's Up To Date

dob: 2001-08-05  Dam: Flywheel's Love Me Do

Mc Carthy's Gummionnngentutsmurf
Mc Carthy's Tutpuffnattesmurf
Mc Carthy's Tutpuffkallesmurf
Mc Carthy's Tutabimbotutasmurf
Mc Carthy's Prickitutflicksmurf

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