Taijan Dreamer Lucille "Miluna"

Rialo Mandarin of Moonswift Chinese Crested
BECH, LUXCH, INTCH German Club Winner 2006
Rialo Mandarin of Moonswift
Moonswift Matinee Idol Is Rialo
Razzmatazz High Voltage Of Zucci Chinese Crested
Razzmatazz High Voltage Of Zucci
Razzmatazz Radioactive Chinese Crested
Razzmatazz Radioactive
Razzmatazz Mousetrap
Moonswift Movie Queen
Zucci High Jinks
Moonswift Miss Baloo
Rialo Melba
Blandora Thunder Bolt Rialo
Blandora Brainwave Chinese Crested
Blandora Brainwave
Blandora Lovely In Black
Yorcrechi's Madam Butterfly RialoJW
Yorcrechi's Spectacular JW Chinese Crested
Yorcrechi's Spectacular JW
Moonswift Gypsy Moth
Taijan Dreamer Sugarcake Chinese Crested
BECH, CERCH, DCH(Club), DKCH, EECH, INTCH(FCI), LUXCH, LUXJCH, LVCH, RUSCH, VDHCH German Junior Champion, Brabo-Winner 2006 , Belgian Winner 2006
Taijan Dreamer Sugarcake
Aramis Von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
CERCH, DCH(Club), INTCH(FCI), LUXCH, LUXJCH, LVCH, MACH, VDHCH VDH-European Junior Winner , German Clubwinner , VDH-European Winner , VDH-Bundessieger ,
Aramis Von Shinbashi
Rambow von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Rambow von Shinbashi
CJW, Dt. Jgd.Ch., Clubjugendsieger 93
Goldenberry Happy Solitaire
Fair Play Lady von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
VDHCH, DCH(Club), INTCH(FCI), CERCH Clbjgdsg., Dt.Jgd.Ch.,Dt.Bjgdsg.93,VDH-EW.94, WW94, Dt.Bsg.94
Fair Play Lady von Shinbashi
Nina von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Nina von Shinbashi
Razzmatazz Rampage
VDH-Europajugendsieger 90,Dt. Jugendchampion,
Goldenberry Azaria
Strippoker's Dragqueen Chinese Crested
CERCH, DCH(Club), DKCH, EURCH, GEOCH, INTCH, LUXCH, MACH, NLCH, SECH, VDHCH LUX & D JCH, EUJW-01, WJW-01, VDH-Bundessieger, Amsterdam W-01, ClubW-01, VDH-European-Winner 2002
Strippoker's Dragqueen
Jordi from House Off Angie Chinese Crested
Jordi from House Off Angie
Moonswift Circus Pony Chinese Crested
Moonswift Circus Pony
Razzmatazz Fantasia Chinese Crested
Razzmatazz Fantasia
Moonswift Candle In The Wind Chinese Crested
Moonswift Candle In The Wind
Moonswift Cherokee Chief
Moonswift Miss Fancy
Regenerate pedigree

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