Shumllea Delightfull "Delli"

Zucci Fancy Man JW Chinese Crested
Zucci Fancy Man JW
Shawcrest Mistabare Of Zucci Chinese Crested
Shawcrest Mistabare Of Zucci
Kojak Kristmas Kracker Chinese Crested
Kojak Kristmas Kracker
Kojak Kavalier Chinese Crested
Kojak Kavalier
Belmuriz Blueberry Of Kojak
Zucci Exclusive Edition Of Shawcrest Chinese Crested
Zucci Exclusive Edition Of Shawcrest
Staround Nevaro Of Zucci Chinese Crested
Staround Nevaro Of Zucci
Staround Victoria
Blandora Cher Delight
Bellevue Blue Boy At Taleeca
Staround Mikadoboy At Taleeca
Kuang Toh Of Reta
Talvina Peppermint
Sandcrest Solo Of Talvina
Colboxhall Inkling Of Talvina
Shumllea Bubble Gum Chinese Crested
Shumllea Bubble Gum
St.Erme Do-Do at Shumllea Chinese Crested
St.Erme Do-Do at Shumllea
Moonswift Prancing Pony
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift Chinese Crested
Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift
Moonswift Hot Gossip
Love Me Tender Of Staround At St.Erme
Razzmatazz Pod Of Staround
Moonswift Painted Lily
St.Erme Delight at Shumllea Chinese Crested
St.Erme Delight at Shumllea
St.Erme Hobby Horse
St.Erme Crested Pony Chinese Crested
St.Erme Crested Pony
Clogheen Coleena
St.Erme Jezabelle Of Sorrelmoor
Carmichan Blue Demon
St.Erme Blue Orchid
Regenerate pedigree

F: 0.64