Bedrocks Honey Bare

Mini Heart's Mug-Y
Mini Heart's Poohbare
Lou-Ell's Chan Wee
Hillcrest Pee Wee Bare
Lou-Ell's Windsong
Mini Winners Mi Angel Baby Bare
Hillcrest Pee Wee Bare
Falconcrest Lizzy Of Lou-Ell's
Bare Lady
Lou-Ell's Custom Design
Palmares Bare Essential
Lou-Ell's Sweet Lovin Star
Lou-Ell's Lotus Star
Sun-A-Ra's Ying-Ming Jr Of Gipez Chinese Crested
Sun-A-Ra's Ying-Ming Jr Of Gipez
Lou-Ell's Tiger Lily
Smokey Valley's Koala Bare
Sir Freckles Of Smokey Valley
Phaedrians Patou Of Smokey Valley
China Crest Mohawk Chinese Crested
China Crest Mohawk
Phaedrian's Harvest Chinese Crested
Phaedrian's Harvest
Gorman's Netsuke
Rosemary's Oh Jong Doo Of Dickerson
Lothlorien Love Bug'll Get Ya
Smokey Valley's Ah So Pretty
Gormans Ah So At Smokey Valley
Razzmatazz Spike Chinese Crested
Razzmatazz Spike
Moonswift Peach Blossom
Liliput Of Smokey Valley
Falconcrest Ain't Misbehaven Chinese Crested
Falconcrest Ain't Misbehaven
Regenerate pedigree

F: 1.22