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CYCH  MOLCH  PLCH  ROMCH  Philippine Ch. ROMCH CUM LAUDAECrest'd Label Back in Black

: 2011-01-10
: Black and white
: Hairless
: 30.50cm (12.0") / 5.30kg (11.6#)
Henrik Futtrup (Crest'd Label, Danmark)
Ewa Dobrowolska (Roingold, Polen)
  • Crest'd Label Back in Black

  • Dysplasia-Patella

  • RTG

  • PLL

  • PRA

  • cerf-2013

  • CACIB Leszno 1/3,exc CAC

  • Crest'd Label Back in Black

  • 15 months old

  • Crest'd Label Back in Black

  • ©roingold

  • Crest'd Label Back in Black


  • Henio

  • ©Crest'd Label

  • 3 weeks old
    ©Crest'd Label

  • 11 days old
    ©Crest'd Label

  • 11 days old
    ©Crest'd Label

  • 6 Days old
    ©Crest'd Label


CERF (ECVO) - clear (KCS, gonioscopy - clear)-2019

Siblings (5)


Crest'd Label Flying Blackbird
Crest'd Label Black Knight
Crest'd Label Black Magic Lady
Crest'd Label Miss Black Pearl
Crest'd Label Back in Black

Offspring (61) (Descendents)

dob: 2019-02-23  Dam: JUDIT Super Ciapki

MEGGI Aniolek z Rozkami
MOLLY Aniolek z Rozkami
MEFFI Aniolek z Rozkami

dob: 2018-07-20  Dam: Nataniel de Flor of the Magical World

MILKA Kolekcja Szuwarka
MORIS Kolekcja Szuwarka
MOWGLI Kolekcja Szuwarka
MATYLDA Kolekcja Szuwarka

dob: 2017-04-16  Dam: Nataniel de Flor of the Magical World

JAGA Kolekcja Szuwarka
JERRY Kolekcja Szuwarka
JUNIOR Kolekcja Szuwarka
JULIAN Kolekcja Szuwarka
JESSI Kolekcja Szuwarka

dob: 2016-11-22  Dam: Zefiryna Catani

Apasjonata Under Hell
Apasjonata Under Hell
Apasjonata Under Hell
Apasjonata Ultimatum

dob: 2015-12-15  Dam: Anna Sky Kennel Omega Lux

HARIBO z Krolestwa Agarthi
HERMIONA z Krolestwa Agarthi
Hrabina De Lux Z Krolestwa Agarthi
HARLEY z Krolestwa Agarthi
HAN SOLO z Krolestwa Agarthi
Ch. Hojrak z Krolestwa Agarthi

dob: 2015-04-03  Dam: Rava Super Ciapki

ZENIO Super Ciapki
Ch. ZUZEK Super Ciapki
ZINA Super Ciapki
ZIBI Super Ciapki
ZICO Super Ciapki

dob: 2014-03-03  Dam: Agricola Pastoral

Adonis Zaczarowany.Flet
Amigo Zaczarowany.Flet
Ch. Armagedon Zaczarowany.Flet
Apokalipsa Zaczarowany Flet
Ch. Apollo Zaczarowany.Flet

dob: 2013-12-23  Dam: Best Of Stars Acro

Conquina Toutou Velu
Ch. Corley Toutou Velu
Ch. Caitlione Toutou Velu
Coco Toutou Velu

dob: 2013-08-24  Dam: Nina Regina Hossa Vija

Hossa-vija Davidoff Quartus
Hossa-vija Delfin Sextus
Hossa-vija Delfina Primus
Hossa-vija Dalmacjusz Qvintus
Ch. Jch Hossa-vija Dominiusz Secundus
Hossa-vija Dennis Tertius

dob: 2013-08-03  Dam: Rava Super Ciapki

Ch. FENDI Super Ciapki
Ch. Franko Super Ciapki
FERGI.Super Ciapki
Ch. Foresto Super Ciapki

dob: 2013-01-30  Dam: Airin Crestedgang

My Crazy Crested Elite Galante
My Crazy Crested Exclusive Amante
My Crazy Crested Elegance Bastante

dob: 2012-11-21  Dam: Pokusa Roingold.

Just in Time Little Charmings.
Just a Minute Little Charmings.
Just For You Little Charmings..
Juwel of Roingold Little Charmings..

dob: 2012-10-15  Dam: Avangarda Roingold

Mistrz Roingold
Macho Roingold
MODEL Roingold
Metafora Roingold
Metamorfoza Roingold
Maestro Roingold

dob: 2012-10-04  Dam: Dakota South Black Dragon

OCZAR Lavandula

dob: 1900-12-15  Dam: Anna Sky Kennel Omega Lux


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