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BGCH  CZCH  CZJCH  EURCH  FINCH  LUXCH  MKCH  ROMCH  RUSCH  RUSJCH  RKFCH  SLOJCH  VICE WORLD WINNER, Balkan Winner-13, Ch of National Breed Club, JCh of National Breed ClubZodiak Vanity Fair Next Germanika

: 2010-12-03
: black & white
: Powderpuff
Adam Ostrowski (Germanika, Polen)
Larisa Kostromina (My Vanity Fair , Russland)

  • ©WDS

  • ©Germanika kennel

  • 03.06.2012 National CC Show Best male
    Club Winner 2012 ( Frank Sabella)

  • 03.06.2012 National CC Show Best Male
    Club Winner 2012 ( Frank Sabella)

  • Junior Champion of Slovenia 14-15.01.2012
    ©Magdalena Hudakova

  • Junior Champion of Slovenia 14-15.01.2012
    ©Magdalena Hudakova

  • Junior Champion of Slovenia 14-15.01.2012
    ©Magdalena Hudakova

  • 1 year
    ©L. Kostromina

  • 1 year
    ©Kostromina L.

  • 7 months Best Puppy of Breed x2 BOB
    WDS- Paris 2011 (10.07.2011)
    Championat France 2011 (09.07.2011)

  • 6 months, second dog show -2x Best Puppy 04-05.06.2011
    Minsk 2xCACIB

  • 16.03.2011

  • 16.03.2011

  • 16.03.2011
    ©A. Kruzhalin

  • 6.03.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 6.03.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 13.02.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 13.02.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 13.02.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 23.01.2011
    ©germanika kennel

  • 23.01.2011
    ©germanika kennel


PLL clear, PRA clear, DM clear

09.05.2011dog Show- "Red Star"-Best Baby, BISb -4
04-05.06.2011 Minsk - 2-CACIB
2xBest Puppy

10.07.2011 WDS- Paris 2011 Best Puppy of Breed (BOB)
09.07.2011 Championat France 2011 Best Puppy of Breed (BOB)
20.11.2011 Moscow - Jaime Ganoza (Peru)- Junior Winner, BOB (puff), RBIS(mono)
20.11.2011 Moscow L. Sokolova (Russia) - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB.
10.12.2011 St. Petersburg Nevskiy Winner - Erusalimskiy E. - Best Junior
11.12.2011 St. Petersburg, Cup of President RKF - Zhuk A.- Best Junior,BOB, BIG 3
14.01.2012 - CACIB Ljubljana- JCAC,Best Junior.
15.01.2012 - CACIB Ljubljana - JCAC,Best Junior Male, Junior Champion of Slovenia!!!

03.06.2012 National CC Show Best Male Club Winner 2012!!! ( Frank Sabella)

Siblings (8)


Zimorodek Next Germanika
Zima Next Germanika
Zamiec Next Germanika
Zadymka Next Germanika
Zorza Next Germanika
Zmrok Next Germanika
Zodiak Vanity Fair Next Germanika
Zmierzch Next Germanika

Offspring (50) (Descendents)

dob: 2018-03-28  Dam: Cladary Triumph Dominicana

Ch. Cladary Triumph Elegant Lady Lily
Cladary Triumph Euphoria Victorie
Cladary Triumph Enzo Effect
Ch. Cladary Triumph Exclusive Beauty
Cladary Triumph Electra
Cladary Triumph Emirate Love
Cladary Triumph Edward Bobby

dob: 2017-06-10  Dam: Oks Kompani Monika Belucci

Ch. My Vanity Fair Rebecca
Ch. My Vanity Fair Rowena

dob: 2016-01-29  Dam: Dream Space Diana Ledy

Zvezdny Medved t
Ch. Zvezdny Medved Jurata
Ch. Zvezdny Medved Jupiter
zvzedny medved jupiter

dob: 2015-08-24  Dam: Bi-lav Plus Charovnitsa v Nochi

Chan-Royce Briana
Chan-Royce Bryan
Chan-Royce Bella

dob: 2014-06-09  Dam: Silver Tauer Panther Black

Ch. Samara Beauty Arizona
Samara Beauty Alabama
Samara Beauty Afrodita
Samara Beauty Absolut.
Ch. Samara Beauty Angelika Markiza Angelov
Samara Beauty Adeto Dimen
Samara Beauty Advenche
Ch. Samara Beauty Arsenal Yspeha dlya Galser

dob: 2014-04-27  Dam: Olegro Katrin Uksi Koira

My Vanity Fair K...
My Vanity Fair Kamelia Sweetheart
My Vanity Fair K...
My Vanity Fair K...
My Vanity Fair Korneliya
Ch. My Vanity Fair Kristofer (puff)
My Vanity Fair Kelvin

dob: 2013-10-02  Dam: My Vanity Fair Image Of Style

My Vanity Fair I Love You
Ch. My Vanity Fair Ingilhildis
My Vanity Fair Illusion Of Modesty
My Vanity Fair Irenka
My Vanity Fair It's Dream for Polar Shine...
My Vanity Fair Ignasio

dob: 2013-08-09  Dam: Amaliya Bright for Rus Lorens

Rus Lorens Fantasy Story
Rus Lorens Fitness Style
Ch. Rus Lorens Feel The Difference
Rus Lorens Flamenco In My Heart
Ch. Rus Lorens Formula of Love

dob: 2013-05-06  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Estella

Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhairon
Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhaspar
Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhamal'
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhaikob
Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhantis
Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhenev'eva
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhameli
Volshebnaja Loshadka Zhasmin

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