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BGCH  CZCH  EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LVCH  LTCH  LUXCH  MOLCH  RUSCH  RUSJCH  SLOCH  CH Balkan, Junior Ch National Breed Club, Ch National Breed Club, Winner Leipzig 2015Uspeh Milisenty ot Lyali Beloy

Reg. no
: 2010-12-04
: chocolate & white
: Powderpuff
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 5.60kg (12.3#)
Gusarova Yuliya (Milisenta, Russland)
Sashilina L. ( ot Lyali Beloy, Russland)
Maya Mayboroda (HitLine Ltd, Russland)
  • about 6 years
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 22-23.08.2015. Leipzig. Germany. Leipzig Winner
    judge Gisa Schicker (D)
    Milash - ex1 cl.cham., CAC, CACIB & Leipzig Winner 2015!!!
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • EDS 2014.Brno.26.10.2014
    judge:Reinelt-Gebauer Linda (Germany)
    Milash - ex4 champion cl.
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 26.07.2014. Latvia, Adazi. CACIB FCI.
    Judge: Olga Morozova
    CW, ex1/5 cl.champion,BOS,CACIB.
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 06.07.2014.Parnu.Estonia.CACIB FCI
    Judge: Harto Stockmari (Finland)
    Milash - RCACIB
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 05.07.2014. Parnu.Estonia.CACIB FCI
    Milash - RCACIB
    Judges: Vanaken Jean-François
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • Kotka Finland. 14.06.2014
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • Kotka Finland. 14.06.2014
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 18.05.2014, Russia, ST.Petersburg.
    Special Show Club.
    Judge: Olga GONCHARUK (Ukraine).
    BOB puff! BISS mono!!!
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 23.03.2014. Riga, Latvia. CACIB FCI.
    Judge: Jouanchicot Christian (FR)
    ex1/9 champion cl., Best male, CACIB!
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 09.02.2014.Tallinn,Estonia.CACIB-FCI.
    Judge: Shamil Abrakimov (Russia)
    Uspeh Milisenty ot Ljali Beloy - Best male, CACIB!

  • 19.01.2014.NDS.Daugavpils. Latvia.
    CW, Best male, BOB & BIG4!!!
    judge: Miodrag Vreteni?ic (Montenegro)
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 18.01.2014.Daugavpils. Latvia.
    ?W, CAC, Best male. Finish CH Latvia!!
    judge: Anatoly Zhuk (Belarus)
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 02.11.2013.Denmark. Herning. CACIB FCI / DANISH WINNER.
    Uspeh Milisenty ot Ljali Beloy - open class. ex.2/5. BOS3.
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 29.08.2013 Switzerland. Geneva. CACIB-CAC Show
    Judges: Fred Peddie (CA)
    Uspeh Milisenty ot Ljali Beloy- CW, CAC, RCACIB.
    ©Romanova T.

  • Summer 2013.
    ©HitLine Ltd

  • 10.08.2013. Finland.Joensuu
    CW, CAC, BOS, CACIB. Finished Finland CH!!!
    ©Kati Teelmäki

  • Summer 2013
    ©Romanova T.

  • Summer 2012
    ©Summer 2012

  • 16.12.2012 CACIB-FCI
    Judges: Aleksandrov V.A. (Russia)

  • 03.11.12. Czech Republic. Praha.CW,CAC, RCACIB.
    ©Czech Republic.
    ©03.11.12. Czech Republic. Praha.CW,CAC, RCACIB. ©Czech Republic.

  • Summer 2012
    ©Summer 2012

  • Summer 2012
    ©Summer 2012

  • Summer 2012
    ©Summer 2012

  • ©*

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  • 17/06/2011

  • 09/06/2011
    PRA(prsd) - CLEAR

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Siblings (5)


Ultra Magic ot Lyali Beloy
Unikum dlja Bella Konstanta ot Lyali Beloy
Udacha dlya Milisenty ot Lyali Beloy
Unreal Chocolate ot Lyali Beloy
Uspeh Milisenty ot Lyali Beloy

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-11-15  Dam: Bellvedere Kiss Kinu Legenda

Ch. HitLine Ltd Dancing Star
Ch. HitLine Ltd Dragon Flying

dob: 2015-11-08  Dam: HitLine Ltd Arabell

HitLine Ltd Garriet
Ch. HitLine Ltd Gvendalen
HitLine Ltd Godiva
HitLine Ltd Genrieta

dob: 2015-08-16  Dam: Treysi Super Allegro

Hitline Ltd Versall
Hitline Ltd Valencia
Ch. HitLine Ltd Vernall
Ch. Hitline Ltd Valkyria

dob: 2014-12-24  Dam: Treysi Super Allegro

Hitline Ltd Brus Willis
Hitline Ltd Bee Honey for Felici Amici
Ch. Hitline Ltd Banderas
Ch. Hitline Ltd Best King

dob: 2014-04-26  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Alita

HitLine Ltd Alexis
Ch. HitLine Ltd Arabell
Ch. HitLine Ltd Anabell Miracle Beauty
HitLine Ltd Arion
HitLine Ltd Ariel my Love

dob: 2013-10-27  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Alora

Volshebnaja Loshadka Iskra
Volshebnaja Loshadka Ivori
Volshebnaja Loshadka Isabelle
Volshebnaja Loshadka Ivana
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Intriga
Volshebnaja Loshadka Irvin

dob: 2012-05-09  Dam: Milisenta Vesnushka

Opus Palmare Utterance Of Glory
Opus Palmare Atistic Vagary
Ch. Opus Palmare Anchained Melodi Of Beauty

dob: 2012-03-01  Dam: Milisenta Vivian

Ch. Bella Constanta Zoloto Milisenty
Bella Constanta Zvezdnoe obolchenie

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