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Ukranian junior champion, BOB, 4xBJ, 5xJCAC, CAC, BOSTouch Beauty Art To Win

: 2010-05-13
: Bronze
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Poluektova Julia (Touch Beauty, Russland)
Kulaga Irina (DOROZHE ZOLOTA, Ukraina)
  • ©Kulaga Irina

  • 2013
    ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©???

  • prcd-PRA: clear - Chervona Ruta iz Sozvezdiya Psov (mother)
    ©Touch Beauty

  • prcd-PRA: clear - Solino's Quid Pro Quo (father)
    ©Touch Beauty

  • ©Irina

  • 25.10.2011
    ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©Irina Kulaga

  • 1 year
    ©Irina Kulaga

  • ©Irina Kulaga

  • ©Kulaga Irina

  • ©Julia

  • ©Julia

  • ©Julia

  • ©Julia

  • ©Julia

  • Age 26 days

  • Age 14 days

  • Age 7 days

  • Age 1 hours


07.07.12 RCAC
03.06.12 CAC, BOS
03.07.11 JCAC,Best Junior
02.07.11 JCAC
26.06.11 JCAC,Best Junior
05.06.11 JCAC,Best Junior
04.06.11 JCAC,Best Junior, BOB
17.10.10 Baby BOB

Siblings (4)


Touch Beauty Assert one self
Touch Beauty Anabel arrow Amur
Touch Beauty Aura of My Soul
Touch Beauty Art To Win

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-07-09  Dam: Latisa Rugen Miko

Belokuryi Angel Dorozhe Zolota
Blagorodnaya Zabava Dorozhe Zolota

dob: 2011-08-09  Dam: Latisa Rugen Miko

Precious Nutlet Dorozhe Zolota
Proud Queen of Faeries Dorozhe Zolota
Perfect Love Elixir Dorozhe Zolota
Pleasant Gift Of Skies Dorozhe Zolota

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