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UKRCH  Ping Pong Allin i K

Reg. no
: UKU.0003948
: 2006-02-26
: Blue&white
: Hairless
: 28.00cm (11.0") / 2.70kg (5.95#)
Dernovaya A., Kiev (Allin i K, Ukraina)
Ryabova N. (Irokez, Ukraina)
  • Ping Pong in all its glory
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Portrait
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Ping Pong and Reed
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Ping Pong and Kleopatra Universe of Love - a perfect match. And the children they simply beautiful.
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Ping Pong at the hands of
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Ping Pong rides
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

  • Ping Pong in the search
    ©Serhiy V. Golubovskiy

Siblings (3)


Pusha Allin i K
Paula Allin i K
Ping Pong Allin i K

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-10-02  Dam: Kasandra Lunar Sonata

Zheoffrey Elkati
Zhizel Elkati
Zhasmine Elkati
Zephyr Elkati

dob: 2013-04-07  Dam: Yuzefa Elkati

Valli Elkati
Volf Elkati
Valtasar Elkati
Valko Elkati
Vuddi Elkati

dob: 2012-10-23  Dam: Yuzefa Elkati

Izabel Elkati

dob: 2012-06-12  Dam: Kasandra Lunar Sonata

Merlin Elkati
Morgana Elkati

dob: 2011-12-13  Dam: Oldridg-Bjanka iz doma Stelan


dob: 2010-10-20  Dam: Yuzefa Elkati

Yamagucci Tora Elkati
Yago Auris Elkati
Yasmina Feerio Elkati
Yadwiga Favori Elkati

dob: 2010-07-02  Dam: Kasandra Lunar Sonata

Delchi Elkati
Derik Elkati

dob: 2009-11-02  Dam: Kleopatra Universe of Love

Tudor Elkati
Tezey Elkati
Twiggi Elkati
Triniti Elkati
Tibald Elkati
Tristan Elkati

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