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VDHCH  CERCH  VDHJCH  CERJCH  LUXJCH  Youth Winner Rheinberg 2011Taijan Dreamer Unikat

: 2010-02-11
: spotted
: Hairless
: 31.50cm (12.4")
Sascha Kobel (Taijan Dreamer, Tyskland)
Astrid Labuch (Silkencrest, Tyskland)
  • Kati with her new born puppys


  • 51st day of pregnancy :-)

  • 3 years old

  • 2,5 years old
    ©Edcullen's Glade

  • 2,5 years old
    CACIB Bremen V1 CAC
    ©Edcullen's Glade

  • Kati with her 2 days old puppies
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • Kati 48 days pregnant :-)
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • Kati 37 days pregnant :-)
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • we expect our first litter around the 12th of March
    ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • Bremen 2011 V1 CAC
    ©Marlies Schönfeld

  • CACIB Bremen 30.07.2011 V1 CAC
    ©Marlies Schönfeld

  • V1 BOS LUXJCH 27.03.2011 Intern. Dogshow Luxembourg
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 14 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 1 year old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 1 year old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • Rheinlandjugendsieger 2011
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • National Dog Show Festival der Rassehunde Castrop-Rauxel 30.01.2011

    ©Astrid Labuch

  • V1 JCAC Nationale Rassehund Ausstellung 2010 Kassel
    ©Klaus Kaiser

  • V2 Res JCAC Internationale Rasssehunde Ausstellung Kassel 12.12.2010
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 9,5 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • almost 8 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 6,5 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 6,5 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • 6,5 month old
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • ©Sascha

  • ©kober

  • ©kober

  • 2 hl girls black and white


PRA clear
PLL clear

31.07.2011 V1 VDH CAC Bremen
30.07.2011 V1 CAC CACIB Bremen
27.03.2011 V1 BOS LUXJCH Intern. Dogshow Luxembourg
13.02.2011 CACIB Rheinberg V1 JBOB Rheinlandjugendsieger
11.12.2010 Ausstellung Kassel V1 JCAC
12.12.2010 Internationale Ausstellung Kassel V2 Res JCAC
30.01.2011 Festival der Rassehunde Castrop-Rauxel

Siblings (5)


Taijan Dreamer U Boys
Taijan Dreamer U Boys
Taijan Dreamer Understatement
Taijan Dreamer Undressed
Taijan Dreamer Unikat

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-10-10  Sire: Mentos von Shinbashi

Silkencrest Grace Kelly
Silkencrest Gundel Gaukeley
Silkencrest Glow in the Dark
Silkencrest Glenn Miller
Silkencrest Google Girl

dob: 2015-09-05  Sire: Omegaville What a Thriller

Ch. Silkencrest Elwood P Dowd
Silkencrest Emma Peel

dob: 2014-06-23  Sire: I Can Dream of Angel's Legacy

Silkencrest Cem Kaya
Silkencrest Catch Up
Silkencrest Cashmere Calli Cawa

dob: 2013-05-11  Sire: Crest-Vue's Final Solution

Ch. Silkencrest Baby and a Half
Silkencrest Beyond Belief
Silkencrest Blond Bambi
Silkencrest Biscuit Ballerina

dob: 2012-03-10  Sire: Egillo z Teramonu SOM

Silkencrest Audrey Hepburn
Silkencrest Arctic Adventure
Silkencrest Access To My Heart

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