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SECH  Sea Fire's Yazzo

Reg. no
: s28126/2009
: 2009-03-14
: Rödsobel
: Hairless
Ingrid Lindgren (Sea Fire's, Sverige)
Caroline Gustavsson (M-Ligans, Sverige)
  • BOB 20120909 Judge Göran Bodegård SE UCH

  • Sea Fires Yazzo on chinese crested special 2011, ex and 2 in openklass with ck.

  • ©M-Ligans

  • ©M-Ligans

  • ©M-Ligans

  • ©A.C

  • Yazzo i Borås 3/7 2010

  • 9 månader

  • ©C.G

  • ©C.G

  • Yazzo

  • Yazzo ett riktigt charmtroll

  • 4 veckor gammal


CK R bhkl

Siblings (4)


Sea Fire's Yummy China Girl
Sea Fire's Yackety Yack
Sea Fire's Yabba-Dabba-Doo
Sea Fire's Yazzo

Offspring (35) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-04-06  Dam: Sun-Hee's Special Edition

Sun-Hee's Top Fashion
Ch. Sun-Hee's Take my Picture
Sun-Hee's Texas Chili
Sun-Hee's Topaze

dob: 2013-01-18  Dam: Sun-Hee's Evening Primrose

Myrtans Loveable
Myrtans A Swedish Love Story
Myrtans Loverboy
Myrtans I Love Trouble

dob: 2012-12-29  Dam: Sirocco White Trash Circus

Sirocco Touched By Thorns N Velvet
Sirocco Whispers Of Mondegreen
Sirocco Gaze Upon Penumbra
Sirocco Taste Of Divinity
Ch. Sirocco Scent Of A Wilted Lie
Sirocco Crimson Sense Of Mind

dob: 2012-06-17  Dam: Sun-Hee's Blue Moon Rising

Proud Pony Zamurai
Ch. Proud Pony Zatellite
Proud Pony Zhogun

dob: 2012-02-19  Dam: Proud Pony Release Me

Ch. Proud Pony You May Look
Proud Pony Yellow Submarine
Proud Pony You Will See

dob: 2011-12-24  Dam: All Saints Amacing-Grace

All Saints Divine Dream of mine
All Saints Design to Shine
All Saints Daddy's Hero

dob: 2011-10-21  Dam: Månsäters Blossa


dob: 2011-06-15  Dam: Sea Fire's Una Brioni

M-Ligans Freak On A Leach
M-Ligans Faith Brings Me Life
M-Ligans Freak On A Leach
M-ligans Faith Stepped In

dob: 2011-03-25  Dam: M-Ligans Yavanna

M-ligans Endymion
M-Ligans Epione
M-Ligans Egeria
M-Ligans Endymion
M-Ligans Elektra

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