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Angelika Rouz-Mari

Reg. no
: CMKU /CIN/ 2834/07
: 2007-12-07
: Black
: Hairless
Hanzelková Marie (Rouz-Mari, Tsjekkia)
Ilkovicová Andrea (Hoard Gold, Tsjekkia)
  • 3.5.2009 International Dog show Praha
    Excelent 1, CAC
    Judge: Zuzana Brotánková
    ©Hoard Gold

  • Mlada Boleslav - 17.7.2011
    open classe - Exellent 1,
    so happy :o))
    ©Hoard Gold

  • National Dog Show,
    Mlada Boleslav - 17.7.2011
    open classe - Exellent 1,
    so happy :o))
    ©Hoard Gold

  • ©Hoard Gold

  • World Dog show Bratislava 11.10.2009
    excelent of 16 female
    ©Hoard Gold

  • ©Hoard Gold

  • ©andrea

  • National Dog Show Ostrava 5.4.2009
    Angelika Rouz - Mari
    Excelent 1, CAC
    Judge: Karel Horák
    ©Hoard Gold

  • Duodanube Bratislava CAC CACIB

  • Angelika Rouz_Mari
    ©ilkovicova andrea

  • ©andrea

  • ©andrea


17. 7. 2011 National Dog Show Mlada Boleslav, Excellent 1, CAC Antonín Mudra
11.10.2009 World Dog show Bratislava, Excellent, of 16 female Petru Muntean (HU)
16. 8. 2009 MVP Duodanube, Bratislava (SK) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Sylvie Desserne (Fr.)
15.8.2009 MVP Duodanube Bratislava (SK)Excellent 4,Gabriela Veiga (PRT)
21. 6. 2009 2.rocník Zemské výstavy Lanskroun,Very goot 1, M. Václavík
6.6.2009 Special dog show Lysá nad Labem, Excellen 2 res.Cac Mgr.Bozena Ovesná
30.5. 2009 Club Dog Show Hradec Králové, excellent 1,Class Winner. Antonín Mudra
3.5.2009 International Dog Show Praha, Excellen1, CAC Zuzana Brotánková
5.4.2009 National Dog Show Ostrava Excellen1, CAC Karel Horák
7.2.2009 Duo Cacib Brno, Excellent 2, Zdena Jílková

7.12.2008 National Dog Show, Nowa Ruda , Excellent 3
16.11.2008 Cacib Praha Excellent 1 CAJC MR. Tino Pehar (Chorvatsko)
19.0.2008, International Dog Show Brno, Excellent 3 Leos Jancík
28.9.2008 International Dog Show Wroclaw,Excellent
20.9.2008 Special dog show Trebíc, Excellent 2, Adam Ostrowski (PL)
31.8.2008 International Dog Show ML. Boleslav,very promising 2,Zdena Jílková
20.7.2008, National Dog Show ML. Boleslav, very promising 3
15.6.2008, Club Dog Show Lanskroun,very promising 1 Rehánek Petr

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-05-06  Sire: Mortimery Avokaduh

Ch. NJK. Atrey Gift Hoard Gold.
Ch. Am GCH Ch Arg GCH Ch Patagonia Ranch Angie Miracle Hoard Gold
Arienn Lucky Hoard Gold
Arllet Hope Hoard Gold
Angelo Fate Hoard Gold
Altaro Dream Hoard Gold

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