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RUSCH  RKFCH  Crest-Vue's Natural Selection

: 2008-05-26
: Palomino
: Hairless
: 31.48cm (12.3")
Karen Fischer (Crest-Vue's, USA)
Henrik Futtrup (Crest'd Label, Danmark)
Wendy van Oosten (Happy Dancing, Netherlands)

  • ©Wendy

  • ©Wendy

  • Namir on the move

  • Namir and me trying a bit of Show training. June 2009

  • Namir and i at KSS Show Bornholm

  • Namir out playing in the forrest

  • Namir out playing

  • A bit of leash training

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • Namir 6 month old

  • ©Zaco

  • Namir's first steps on the field in DK

  • ©Zaco

  • 17 weeks of age
    ©Patrick Smith

  • Namir at 17 weeks old.
    ©Patrick Smith

Siblings (3)


Crest-Vue's Natural Beauty
Crest-Vue It Just Comes Natural
Crest-Vue's Natural Selection

Offspring (35) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-03-14  Dam: Happy Dancing Fantasy Fatima

Happy Dancing Yakima Yankee
Happy Dancing Yin Yang
Happy Dancing Yab Yum
Happy Dancing Yabadabadoo Yell
Ch. Happy Dancing Yippie Ya Yeah

dob: 2013-10-26  Dam: Happy Dancing Kinky Kate

Happy Dancing Wild Wild West
Happy Dancing Wendy's Wisdom
Happy Dancing Woody Woodpecker
Happy Dancing Whoop Whoop
Ch. Happy Dancing Walhalla Wonder
Happy Dancing Wannabe Wow

dob: 2013-04-26  Dam: Happy Dancing Lovely Lady

Happy Dancing Unique Upgrade

dob: 2011-09-18  Dam: Lucky Line's Less Is More

Artic Flyer's Classic Design
Artic Flyer's Carte D'Or
Artic Flyer's Carpe Diem

dob: 2010-05-15  Dam: Solino's Label

Crest'd Label American Cowboy
Crest'd Label American Pin up Girl
Crest'd Label American Show Girl
Ch. Crest'd Label American Playboy

dob: 2010-04-23  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka JUBILANTA

Volshebnaja Loshadka Rich Raiment
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Rose From Wind
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Rely Upon Me
Volshebnaja Loshadka Rippling Air

dob: 2010-02-19  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Glori

Volshebnaja Loshadka Paris
Volshebnaja Loshadka Persi
Volshebnaja Loshadka Prime Time
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Prada
Volshebnaja Loshadka Pretty Doll

dob: 2010-01-30  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Grace

Volshebnaja Loshadka Mojito
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Marta
Volshebnaja Loshadka Marika
Volshebnaja Loshadka Martell

dob: 2009-12-19  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Shangri-La

Volshebnaja Loshadka Lukas
Volshebnaja Loshadka Look At Me
Volshebnaja Loshadka Leroy

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