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Shadowgame's Leather Rebel

Reg. no
: FIN49075/07
: 2007-07-10
: Black
Inga Jaala (Shadowgame's, Finland)
Reija Jäntti (Sparrishoop, Finland)

  • ©Petsku

  • ©Reija Jäntti

Siblings (6)


Shadowgame's Lovely As Me
Shadowgame's Loverboy
Shadowgame's Lost And Found
Shadowgame's Licence To Kill
Shadowgame's Leather Rebel
Shadowgame's Lovestory

Offspring (47) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-06-03  Dam: Sparrishoop Pink Angel

Sparrishoop Wild Honey
Sparrishoop Honey Boy
Sparrishoop Sweet Honey

dob: 2010-05-13  Dam: Sparrishoop Dark Angel

Sparrishoop Glamour Sir
Sparrishoop Glamour Princess
Sparrishoop Glamour Lady

dob: 2010-02-26  Dam: Calibra's My Little Lier

Sparrishoop Fearless Fairy
Sparrishoop Loving Fairy
Sparrishoop Fairy Kiss
Sparrishoop Fairy Hunter
Sparrishoop Little Fairy
Sparrishoop Loving Fairy
Sparrishoop Brave Fairy

dob: 2010-02-10  Dam: Emily

Roses Foryou Amor
Roses Foryou Amanda
Roses Foryou Amadeus

dob: 2009-08-21  Dam: Chattanooga's I Do It My Way

Lady's Trick Go Channel
Lady's Trick Gray Codes
Lady's Trick Global Variable
Lady's Trick Girl Power
Lady's Trick Glamour Girl
Lady's Trick Gummy Bear

dob: 2009-07-10  Dam: Sparrishoop Like An Angel

Sparrishoop Exotic Thunderstorm
Sparrishoop Exotic Snowstorm
Sparrishoop Exotic Hot Rain
Sparrishoop Exotic Sunshine
Sparrishoop Exotic Raindrop

dob: 2009-05-13  Dam: Sparrishoop Pink Angel

Sparrishoop Dream One
Sparrishoop Angel's Dream

dob: 2009-04-24  Dam: Magic'N Mystic Im One Tuff Cookie

Tuhtilan Chili
Tuhtilan Chanel
Tuhtilan Casanova
Tuhtilan Caesar
Tuhtilan Coco

dob: 2009-04-01  Dam: Sparrishoop Dark Angel

Sparrishoop Sparkling Crystal
Sparrishoop Charming Crystal
Sparrishoop Black Crystal
Sparrishoop Luxury Crystal

dob: 2009-01-17  Dam: Lady's Trick Betty Boop

Lady's Trick Firecracker
Lady's Trick Fatal Beauty
Lady's Trick Final Fantasy

dob: 2008-12-05  Dam: Calibra's My Little Lier

Sparrishoop Great Beauty
Sparrishoop Beauty Star
Sparrishoop Secret Beauty
Sparrishoop Naked Beauty
Sparrishoop Black Beauty
Sparrishoop Magic Beauty

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