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ATJCH  CROJCH  ÖKV-Bundessieger'09; HR-Ch., Wisteria Lane de GabriTho

: 2008-06-19
: sable/white
: Hairless
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Østerike)
Claudia Rauschenberg/Böhler I. (Frendor's, Tyskland)
knopp Thorsten

  • ©P.

  • Lane almost 11 Month old

  • 4 Month old

  • 4 month old

  • 13 Weeks old

  • 7 weeks old

  • 7 weeks old

  • 3 days old


HR-KS '10;

Siblings (7)


Patschuli de GabriTho
Passepartout de GabriTho
Pashmina de GabriTho


Walk the Line de GabriTho
Walking in Memphis de GabriTho
Walking on Sunshine de GabriTho
Wisteria Lane de GabriTho

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-09-15  Sire: Habiba Look Who's Back Its Oolagha

Frendor's SHow me line
Frendor's Show me a smile
Frendor's Show me love

dob: 2012-12-29  Sire: Frendor's Worst Case Scenario

Frendor's Nu
Frendor's No Reply
Frendor's Nino
Frendor's Non Plus Ultra

dob: 2011-07-09  Sire: Felay-Lí ze Shetlandu

Frendor's Barnaby
Frendor's Beam me up Scotty
Frendor's Betty Boop

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